Fan Expo Canada 2010–Friday August 27

Ty is in post-con mode–tired, exhausted, fatigued…but with lots of work that he couldn’t do over the last three days. So, as he catches up with deadlines on oh-so-many exciting projects, he’s asked me to quickly “throw something on the blog”.

So, to be frank, I posted something to my own blog…but I’ll try my best here. Nothing fancy–a few pics, and maybe a comment or two!


Ty at TCW booth (photo Rachael Wells)

I was home with the younger kids while Ty and the teenager were free and easy, men about town, wandering the Convention Centre, checking it out. Okay, in reality, the boy hung out at Dad’s place in Artists’ Alley, or he wandered around looking for loot (I think his favourite moment was the three? six minutes? of Halo Reach demo after the hour wait in line). Dad was off at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth chatting with students past, present, and potentially future.

Members of the Fit-to-Print course were on a schedule, for the weekend, to do signings at the booth; talk to people about the Holmes Inc. comic and course, and about TCW itself. For some of them, it was their first time at a comic convention on the other side of the table.

Kathleen Gallagher/writer and Eden Bachelder/artist for "Night Clubbing" from Holmes Inc. (Photo Rachael Wells)

Some members of Holmes Inc. actually had tables as well. I spotted Christopher Yao there with a table for his own work (with maybe one of the best names for a company going, Yaoza Graphics). And I spoke briefly with Adam Gorham who was hanging out with Big Sexy Comics, for which he draws Teuton.

Christopher Yao at his booth

Gibson Quarter sketching

In Artists Alley, Ty was seated beside Gibson Quarter who drew Flight Plan for

Gibson Quarter sketching in Artists’ Alley

Holmes Inc.  On Gibson’s other side was the one and only Leonard Kirk, who is teaching a course with TCW this fall.  To the right of Ty was seated David J. Cutler who is the penciller for Northern Guard, the Johnny Canuck mini-series Ty wrote for Moonstone Books (due out beginning in Novermber). By luck (or intentionally?) on David’s other side was Jason Edmiston, who is the incredible artist behind the cover for Hoverboy #1, and the same upcoming Northern Guard mini-series (as well as many, many other projects…check out his gallery of work).

Leoanrd Kirk wondering why the heck I was taking a picture of him.

So, Ty came back pretty happy to have been able to spend time with his students, to show off the finished Holmes Inc. comic, and to see everyone in Artists’ Alley.

And I totally forgot (’cause, you know that whole “I wasn’t there” thing)–Ty did a mini version of a Comic Book Bootcamp lecture. Was thrilled with it–said it was one of the biggest groupws he’d had for one, and thought everyone was very receptive to it.


2 responses to “Fan Expo Canada 2010–Friday August 27

  1. great pics, thanks for sharing…I love that the pic caught a bit of little fan keeping an eye on the crowd and peeking over my shoulder!

  2. Sounds as though Ty enjoys greatly his teaching sessions. It is great obviously that he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience.


    Steven G. Willis

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