FAN EXPO CANADA 2010–Sunday August 29

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. oh boy.

Ty and I took the kids on Sunday. Luckily, they’re of an age we can let them run loose without much supervision. Unfortunately, they were so overwhelmed by the crowds that it took some time before they felt comfortable running around. ‘Cept our youngest son who promptly took off looking for a video game (found one, too. Both boys report that they can not wait for Halo Reach to be released next month).

The Kids

Jason Edmiston, Cobra Wants You. My son scored this and LOVES it. Check Jason's site for other prints

While the kids were settling in, Ty actually wandered off and didn’t return for an hour so I watched his space and chatted people up. With it being the last day, everyone knew that it was their last chance to talk to editors, buy that poster they really wanted, etc. so it wasn’t just watching Ty’s space…when David Cutler

David Cutler, "Bucky and Dead Eye"--the is the print I bought for my son. Check David's blog for others...

would go off, Jason Edmiston’s wife would watch his stuff. If she was busy, I would happily jump in to sell his stuff. The partners of the various artists would wander back and forth between spaces making sure all was well!

Gibson Quarter had his daughter there for some of the day, helping

Gibson Quarter's Wolverine vs. Venom print, check his site for others

to sell his stuff. When she left, my daughter was willing to jump in and see what she could do (although she’s a bit shy so, in fact, her brother sold some stuff for Gib, while Kate stood by–but she’s learning!). All in all, nice to have a little community spirit going!

Lots of people came by to talk to Ty, including one of his oldest friends in the world, which he quite enjoyed (we especially enjoyed seeing the teenaged son in his Arthur costume, with towel over one shoulder).

So, all in all, a busy, productive con…


(the kids liked this costume)

and this one…

Music Meister

And this is the print I got from Jason last year–one of my favourite things on my walls!

Jason Edmiston, Hibernation


3 responses to “FAN EXPO CANADA 2010–Sunday August 29

  1. The Venom costume of that fan is most awesome. Almost worth it to just see that outfit.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Hi there! I know this is a little…late, but I’m the girl dressed as a lady version of the Music Meister. I’d like to thank you for the special mention in your con review. The website listed is my Fan Expo Photobucket gallery, and if you want to see/be able to comment on some of my own special mention photos, they’re available in my deviantArt gallery:

    Thanks again! I hope to see you next year!

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