Bun Toons and Fans! Like PB and J!

Is it Saturday again?  Damn this calendar and its relentless march!

(Or is it September?)

I am bunny, hear me roar - In numbers too big to ignore.

I can only be a nice guy for SO LONG before I snap.  It’s what bunnies are like.

(CLICK HERE for the comic strip about the big bad mean man who made me cry.)

That’s it for today…see you here tomorrow for the best Convention Sketch I’ve done, like EVER.   It’s a commission I did at home, and I actually like it…that never happens.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

6 responses to “Bun Toons and Fans! Like PB and J!

  1. Ty,

    You are lucky it was not Jo-Anne that tried to give you Pooh…


    Steven G. Willis

  2. “My instincts ay ‘yes'”
    Man, the bunny’s reactions are PRICELESS – Thank you, Mr. Templeton, this strip is AWESOME.


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  4. Dude…I still have my hair…, and I got Lasik to correct the glasses. I do dress that crappy though.

    Most of all I am pissed you remembered me having a mullet…which was only true in 8th grade.

    Wrich (aka guy who traded you the Watchmen page.)

  5. Dude…my memory is so shoddy, I’m amazed I remembered your race and gender. I’m also STILL grateful for the Watchman page. It’s one of my treasured possessions, and kept in a safe place…but sometime I forget where that is. Damn all the LDS I did in the Sixties!

  6. Me as a woman…that would have been very very bad for everyone involved. Mostly in a Chthlu/Hastur type of way. It would have actually ripped the time-space layer right off North America if you had put me in a Bob Mackey dress with a Cher wig….though, drawing me as Lady Bird Johnson is acceptable.

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