LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday August 30

Weekly Round-Up #38 from Inside Pulse

Moonstone Books for December from Comics Continuum

Tuesday August 31

Darwyn Cooke Tells It Like It Is from The Comics Cube

Back in the Saddle from The 7th Wave

Wednesday September 1

Can We Get Over the Spidey-MarriageYet? from The Comics Cube

Previews:  Holmes Inc. from Ain’t It Cool News

Fan Expo Canada–the Panels in Audio (comment) from Bleeding Cool Forums

Darwin Cooke and the Lesbians from Bleeding Cool

Thursday September 2

Dexter Early Cuts (2010) from Rupirat/Forums

Free to Read:  Comixology from 3 Million Years

Friday September 3

Friday Flashback:  Bwa-Ha-Ha, It’s the JLI! from Newsarama

Sunday September 5

TOT:  Spider-Man and the Human Torch from Tony Isabella, comment on Comics Community

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