Bun Toons Continue To Blaspheme!

Bun Toons,  Bun Toons

Rolly Polly Bun Toons

Bun Toons,  Bun Toons

Eat them up.  Yum.

Take THAT, complex theological discussion.

Back to my thankless task of drawing my favorite cartoon characters for quite reasonable pay.

Ty the Guy OUT!

DAMN!  Beaten to it.

Here now, your comic book moment of zen

For previous comic book blasphemies, click HERE to read Superman vs. Jesus, and HERE to read Hulk vs. Buddha.

14 responses to “Bun Toons Continue To Blaspheme!

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  2. “Back to my thankless task of drawing my favorite cartoon characters for quite reasonable pay.”

    oh my gyad… what a show off.

    meh, I’ll see you there sooner or later.

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  5. Even before Miller’s take on Batman vs Supes, I always thought Batman would win any fight vs anybody. Batman at his best is smart, resourceful, and willing to get help. He always finds a way, even if he has to cheat.

  6. @The Keith: Exactly. Batman can beat anyone, that’s his superpower. It doesn’t matter who you are, he’ll beat you. It’s why I dislike the stories in which Joker murders Gordon’s wife or explodes Robin and gets away with it, or cripples Babs…because it means that Batman didn’t BEAT Joker that issue. Which robs Batman of his super-power. But of course, you get it, Keith…you’re a writer.
    @Rollkran: Hard work. Late nights. Study yer craft, and we’ll leave the door open for ya. Hurry up!

  7. If Batman can beat anyone and Squirrel Girl can beat anyone, who would win in a fight between the two… or would they simultaneously punch each other and obliterate both universes via paradox?

    • As one of only three creators who has worked on BOTH Batman and Squirrel Girl (I believe Dan Slott, and Paul Pellitier are the others), I actually DO know the answer to who would win this epic battle…I know who strikes the first blow, who uses an ally, who cheats… I have the whole thing in my head like a fully realized film. But I’ll never tell.

  8. Nothing was better than Saturday morning reading Bun Toons. Being in a post-operative drug and pain haze, it was most enjoyable.

    I can not thank you enough Ty for this weeks edition.

    I was just not able to type again until today…


    Steven G. Willis

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