LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday September 13

The C-List:   Dominion of the Devils from Sequential/Canadian comix news and culture

Journalista for September 13, 2010:  Still beats the newspaper Money/ Also from The Comics Journal

Star Trek 1375:  Mission’s End Issue 5 from Siskoid’s Blog of Geekery

Linkarama@Newsarama from Newsarama

Tuesday September 14

Blogs of Interest from Illustration Portfolio:  William Cook

Random Comic News Story Round-Up from The Comics Reporter

Ty Templeton names the seven best gay characters in comics from SHIT COMICS (**to my amusement, WordPress lists this site, in the list for referral sites, as —-COMICS–kts)

Reblog from That Chick in the Orange Tie

Ty Templeton’s Seven Best/Worst Gay Characters in Comics from Toonzone presents Comic Book Culture (forums)

Comics A.M.–The comics Internet in two minutes from Comic Book Resources

Friday September 17

Friday’s Procrastination Aides, 9/17/10 from The Manga Critic

“Bigg time”, de Ty Templeton from El lector impaciente…

Hulk vs. Cerberus from Yet Another Comics Blog

Saturday September 18

Batman vs. Bible Monster! from Comics Cavern

Sunday September 19

FFF Results Post #227 — Fanta (On Friday CR readers were asked to “Name Five Favorite Projects/Books From Fantagraphics Not By Charles Schulz, Los Bros, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes Or Peter Bagge.” This is how they responded.)  John Platt’s Picks from The Comics Reporter

A Blog about a Blog from Tom Boy Tara Comics

Batman vs. The Beast of the Leviathan from The Myriad Worlds of Chris Roberson

What I’m Reading on a Sunday mornin’ from A Feminist Otaku

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