LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday September 27

Memorial Case Smashing:  Bruce Wayne, Murderer? (comments) from Scans_Daily

Tuesday September 28

28. Sept.2010. Hey Kids, Comix! from Sequential

TERROR Unleashed!!! Canadian Style!! from The MASterpiece Conspiracies

Weekday Reading 9/28/2010 from Wet Asphalt

Wednesday September 29

29.Sept.2010. The Toronto Cartoonists Winter Workshop Line Up from Sequential

Canadian Comics Interview:  Ty Templeton talks Northern Guard from The Fabler

The 10 greatest all-nude fight scenes in comics from Blastr

UNITED THEY STAND Avengers–Marvel Comics from Comic MANIAC

Friday Night Fights:  Hulk vs. Cerberus from TERRYS COMIC PAGE


Friday October 1

Ask Chris #27:  Why I Love Spider-Man from Comics Alliance

Saturday October 2

Canadian Shield #1 from Heroes of the North

Sunday October 3

Dexter Early Cuts from Da Couch Tomato

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