World Wide Hoverboy Friday


Because the calendar never lies


We’ve been getting some emails from Hoverboy fans around the world, asking if we can identify various overseas versions of the character…why this toy was released, or who drew that issue, etc.    But every now and then, even we get stumped, so we’re turning to you guys for help.  Here are some examples of Hoverboy mania from around the world, we can’t really identify.  Any and all foreign fans who’ve know their stuff, fill US in as to the history of these things, and we’ll pass it along to the original posters.

Well, this first one, we DO know a little about.  It was produced by the American Hoverboy team at Vigilance Comics, to be sold exclusively in Mexico.  It sold quite poorly as every page was filled with racist Mexican stereotypes that the creators believed were complimentary, such as a talking chihuahua as mayor, and everyone eating tacos during conversation and action scenes.   The question we can’t answer, however, is how many issues were produced of this series, and are there any other cover scans available?  We’ve only seen the first two issues (and issue one cannot be reproduced on a family website, trust me).  Any other Mexican Hoverboy fans with scans of issue #3?

This was sent in by a Belgian fan who speaks only Dutch and wonders if we could translate the cover for him.  I’m afraid my French is so bad, it’s one of the reasons Quebec wants to separate from Canada, so I’m not the one to give it a try.  Anyone recognize this comic?  And who the hell are the ducks?  They look vaguely Nazi…?

This was sent in by someone who claims they found it on a cruise ship in the garbage, so it could have come from ANYWHERE on Earth.  My guess is that it’s from Australia, or New Zealand, since they seem to be worried about Japanese robots attacking, and they’re speaking English.  Perhaps it’s from Malaysia, or the Phillipines?  Any guesses?  The art is gorgeous, and the price tag suggests it’s fairly recent.

This was sent to us by a Hover-Fan who lives in Rome, Italy.  He claims it’s painted on the side of a building about a block from his house, a building that faces a rubble strewn courtyard, long abandoned.  Our fan wants to know if this was intended as an advertisement, and when is it from?  Damned if I know, is my answer.

This is likely from France, or Belgium.  The French writing gives it away.  Also, the photo was sent to us by snail mail from an American living in Paris, who says he stole this bottle from a quaint bed and breakfast in the Alsace region of Eastern France, and wonders what year it’s from, and whether there was a shampoo that went with it.   He says he ransacked the whole house and couldn’t find the shampoo, and it has driven him crazy ever since.

Well, I hope we can find some answers, I know there are at least four or five fans waiting breathlessly to know.  Any help would be helpful.  And we’ll believe anything you tell us, we’re gullible that way.


Here now, your Hoverboy Moment of Zen


Vigilance Novelties Hoverboy Button Artwork, circa 1966


2 responses to “World Wide Hoverboy Friday

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Love the hair conditioner, where can I buy it??
    And what’s racist about a talking chihuahua? (Speciesist, shurely?)
    Looking forward eagerly to your DRAWING THE FIGURE FROM MEMORY course at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop next month. Time permitting, perhaps you can include something on “Drawing the Chihuahua From Memory”? I think there’s a chapter on it in Gottfried Bammes (“Zu Zeichnen des Chiihuahuamalerei im Tusche”).

  2. Continually amazed at just how much coverage Hoverboy has received in the world over the years.


    Steven G. Willis

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