Saturday Morning Taxi Toons! Yay!




The morning of Saturday is upon us, and time for another bun toon.  This one was inspired by a terribly bad cab ride, a conversation with my friend Sam Agro, and a bit of an old SNL sketch.  Put ’em together and you make toon soup.   I’m actually happy with how this one turned out, and hey, look!  I lettered it by hand, just because I can still do that!

Dedicated to the Sketch Treadwells of this world.  May you all be stiffed with a Kat Krispies coupon.

See you soon for another Hi-larious top ten list, and more bun toons next week.  Ain’t the internet fun?  Speaking of fun…


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

One response to “Saturday Morning Taxi Toons! Yay!

  1. I knew there was my Saturday was not going so well: I did not read my weekly tolerance level of Bun Toons first thing in the morning.


    Steven G. Willis

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