Superman vs. Jesus vs. Hallowe’en Toons! Yay!

It’s Saturday, and time for me to blaspheme again.  This time, it’s SEASONAL!

I've given you bun toons. Now you owe me candy.

Please, no letters or emails, I’m illiterate anyway.

Enjoy your trick or treating, folks.  And try to remember, if you really want to gain weight this weekend, forget candy and head straight for a KFC Double Down, your doctor will be glad you did.


Here now, your Bun Toons moment of Zen:


For last week’s BUN TOONS, click the image below:

For the ORIGINAL Superman vs. Jesus, click the image below:

7 responses to “Superman vs. Jesus vs. Hallowe’en Toons! Yay!

  1. LOL. I’m Ted Nugent.

  2. That was the year Jesus wore the black symbiote.

  3. Stop knocking on only the neighbor’s doors who you think are Jewish thinking they will give you more candy on this secular holiday… Christ!


    Steven G. Willis

  4. Oh Ty…those pictures are so cute. I also totally tried the Jesus thing two years ago, since the comparison gets brought up so often anyway. I’m amazed people didn’t get it, what with your perfect “Holy hand” gesture…

    • My father was an evangelist preacher for decades. I KNOW me some holy hand gestures. I used to have a rose bush in my back yard, and when I would do the Jesus costume for parties, if the mood struck me, I would wrap thorn branches around my head. It took some practice not to have it hurt, but if I got a minor cut and it started bleeding, all the better. I have a funny story about driving around in my Jesus outfit, and banging the thorns on the rear view mirror, which hurt like crazy, and I shouted DAMN IT fairly loudly at a stop light, which caused the driver in the car next to me quite a double take.

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