Unseen Art by Ty

Sorry for the sparse posting lately…we’ve been busy doing that working-for-a-living thing around here, some Simpsons, some Mad Mag stuff, doing some final corrections on my Harvey Pekar/Marvel comics story, and a little superhero-ing production work, FINALLY sending off the Johnny Canuck comic for the printers (out in a couple of days now!).

Since there won’t be any new top lists for at least another week or so, I thought I’d devote a couple of days to some of my many unseen pages…things for projects that were never published, or thing published in small runs, art for private commissions or projects not really comics related, amusing things you’ve probably not seen, and some of them turned out rather nice.

A sampling:

This was done as a commission a few years ago, back when I was in the middle of drawing batman in the “animated version” like this:


(A convention sketch of animated Batman done a couple of months ago, in that old style)

I think I was having such a good time NOT drawing in the animated style for that Bat-Mite piece up above, that I overdid it on the “Bolland-isms” in the inking.  I forget who ended up getting that piece, but I still have a xerox of it, so you get to see it.

Next, a commission I did a few weeks ago (but took forever to actually get out to the fellow who asked for it, sorry Christopher

The world famous BREEON, the Green Lantern!

Christopher Matusiak has this wonderful collection of Green Lantern sketches on all green paper, often drawn by the artist who created that particular Green Lantern.  Well, I happened to have created an obscure Green Lantern from an annual or a Quarterly (I don’t recall which), written by Mark Waid, named Breeon, and Christopher asked me to contribute to the collection.  I hadn’t drawn on coloured paper since I was a kid, and I had so much fun I’m going to do lots more.  There’s some blackboard chalk in there as a highlighter…I had some in my pocket from earlier in the day when I’d been teaching my cartooning class, and figured “why not?”.

This is ancient, one of the first things I ever drew and got paid for:

A commission for a local comic store in Toronto, (The Dragon Lady…and they’re still around after all these years, too!)  for their newsletter, highlighting the “Direct Sales” comics that were taking the world by storm in the mid-eighties.  I started working professionally about a year after this piece, I don’t think I’d even thought of Stig yet.

Coming up in the next while:  Unseen pages from a never-published issue of Legion of Superheroes I drew.  Pages from the yet to be published Batman: Brave and Bold cartoon comic I drew a year or so ago and has been on a shelf, unseen production work for the DC direct figures I designed, rejected covers, and more!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your unseen and pulped comic book moment of zen:

My cover for the infamous Elseworlds Annual. So offensive, it was only released in Ireland, look it up.


11 responses to “Unseen Art by Ty

  1. Dang, Sure would be nice to snag that Judge Dredd/American Flagg piece. Two of most favorites from the 1980s, heck even to now. Though, they obviously peaked popularly back then…

    Sales, Ty?


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Christopher Matusiak’s GL collection sounds pretty sweet. I love the Breeon piece!

  3. What was wrong with the Elseworlds annual??

  4. Wow, oddly enough, I was thinking of something different. I’d seen all those pages years ago, though I’d never known about the controversy. How weird. Thanks, (I’m assuming) Keiren!

  5. Yep, c’est moi! Yes, Ty was very sad that those pages never saw print…I can’t find the link now, but I saw that recently that there was supposed to be some collection with a bunch of the pages reprinted, but not any of Ty’s oddly. And, as always–a reprint of the story that caused all the trouble in the first place!

    We still have a couple of the pages, (but Ty’s pulled two to keep for his own collection).

  6. I remember this Judge Dredd piece. And if it was indeed done in 1985, you were doing Stig’s Inferno by then.

  7. Whoa! This is Awesome!!
    Not only did I get that awesome sketch of Batman from you last summer..
    But it actually made it to art land!!!
    I now have it framed and matted along side the Joker u drew for me aswell!
    Thanks again Ty,
    See you this summer!

  8. See you soon, DJ. Glad you liked the sketch.

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