Harley says, “It Gets Better”

For years, I used to write the Batman Adventures comic books, and while I was there, I got to be quite friendly with one of the characters, Harley Quinn

Many of you might know that Harley has morphed into a more-or-less real person in the body of an Australian woman named Elise Archer.  Elise is without a doubt, the cos-play Harley that all others are measured against, and has traveled the world bringing joy and happiness in the guise of a sociopathic super-villain with a heart of gold.

As Elise became Harley, Harley became Elise. A couple of panels from Gotham Adventures #10

Well, recently Harley made a video for the “It Gets Better” project.  For a fictional character, she’s delightfully real in this vid, and it’s worth going and checking it out, if not just for the fun of seeing Harl walking around in the real world, but for the message of acceptance contained within.   ‘Specially for folks from the land down under….

Elise channeling Harley, or Harley inhabiting Elise. I'm never sure...

Go.  Watch. Feel good that the world is getting better….

And on another personal note, my friend Heather, who is a fabulously talented writer and all-around super person (just not a super-villain) has made an “It Gets Better” message herself, also very much worth watching.  There are no references to insane clowns in Heather’s vid, but it’s equally inspiring.

Go HERE for Heather’s video.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

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  1. What what?

    • Ty, while I appreciate your efforts (posting vid), I question your sanity. You help a campaign for gays and bullies and use a delusional character. She is a character who helps bully and murder people.

      While I pity the fact society hasn’t come to their senses in regards to said matters, you would have been better off picking your nose than picking this character…get your head out of your ass, you might see better.

      Now go be useful

      • Sorry forgot…Robin and Tonto would have been a much better casting, Robin has always looked like a “Fruit” and Tonto always got the shit kicked out of him before the Lone Ranger saved the day. Surprised Tonto never told the LR to go fuck himself, seems like he could have used these help groups or some common sense

        • Tonto got the shit kicked out of him? What episodes were those? As a big Lone Ranger fan, I have heard most of the original series and have seen darn near all of the TV shows, and don’t remember Tonto ever taking a serious beating. And for someone who attempts to be gay positive in your previous posting, I’m surprised to hear the word “fruit”. The message is getting a little fuzzy here…
          Ty the Guy

      • Oh, and the view up my ass? It’s dark and scary. What was I thinking? No wonder it’s been hard to read.

        Can I get some more fluffy bunny happiness back on this blog, and a lot less potty mouth? Since when did this turn into Grand Theft Auto – Cartoonist Blog Edition? You naughty commenters, you.

        WAIT! This is about bullying…so it’s gots to be satire. Nice one, you almost had me.

        Ty the Guy

      • wanna back up what an-ty said. elise and her accomplices among other heinous things bullied, stalked, abused, slandered and finally attempted to murder me, coming interstate specially and using my cat’s name just to be an even scarier psychopath. by deceit, stalking and recruiting her bff elise underhandedly got my address and i can no longer live in my own home cos of her murderous intentions towards me.

        • Havebeenwatchingontumblrandthinkyou'reanutter

          yeah……. right. she may have her abrasive moments, especially when it comes to the JokerxHarley ship, but a killer she is not. step back from your pedestal and take a long hard look at what you just wrote.

          • she has come to my state to try and kill me whether or not you find that believable. the reason she identifies with harley quinn so hard is cos she is just like her – a psychopath in a shell that belies it. the only reason you think what i wrote is nuts is that you don’t wanna believe it. cos you haven’t seen her real face yet. only her victims get to do that. and she’ll do anything she can to discredit her victims including slander them and call them crazy. really, i won’t pity you when your time comes. i am not her first. oh and doubting a victim: apaz your social justice principles are selectively applied hey? go jump, you abuse apologist.

            • Havebeenwatchingontumblrandthinkyou'reanutter

              I’ve been on her bad side before, hun. I know what you mean when it comes to her being rude to people she doesn’t agree with. She and some of her friends reamed me out because I think certain writing styles make people seem immature. And BOY! Did she go off on me for being “ageist” and “elitist.”
              I’m not a SJW, hun. I’m a feminist, yes. But I’m not…. engaged in the movement at that level.
              I’m an outsider in this situation. I’ve only had two, maybe three conversations with her, and guess what? NONE OF THEM INVOLVED YOU.
              She is not a killer. She’s not going to kill you; she’s never threatened to kill you.
              She never tried to have you Baker Acted, or whatever the hell it is in Oz, though you DEFINITELY NEED IT AT THIS POINT. Just saying.

              • Actually she did attempt to have me committed. Because I am not in fact psychotic, she failed. The woman is another Jodi Arias. Only Travis Alexander saw what Jodi Arias was before it was too late. I am another Travis Alexander. Only unlike Travis I am not foolhardy enough to remain in my own home after the woman stalked me to get my address and followed me to my state.

                If you are indeed a feminist, you are not a very good one. For a start, the long history of calling women crazy to discredit them makes your doing so a misogynistic act. And your treatment of an abuse victim screams misogyny also. Go jump.

              • Pee es she did indeed threaten to kill me.

                • Havebeenwatchingontumblrandthinkyou'reanutter

                  Lady…. I’m not calling all women crazy. I’m calling *you* crazy. You dug this blogpost up. It was posted THREE YEARS AGO. 2010.
                  No one was paying attention to it anymore, until you decided, HEY! I’m going to dig through everything that my supposed stalker has EVER DONE EVER to make her look bad!!!
                  And now you’re telling me to self harm. Seriously, lady. Look long and hard at your choices.

                  • calling me crazy is calling a woman crazy and that is an act of misogyny. it is done to discredit my experiences of abuse, which makes it double misogyny. ‘go jump’ means ‘fuck off’. it does not mean ‘self harm’.

                    i think you are the one who needs to do some critical self-reflection.

                  • btw this post was on the first page of a google search for ‘elise archer narcissist’. i did that search for the precise reason that sheeple like you were saying it was just me and i am just crazy. i knew there were other victims but i did not have permission to share their messages so i went looking for backup that i could share. golf clap for you!

  2. As I have already commented elsewhere, I think this video is absolutely -amazing-! And it’s extra awesome that you’ve reposted it here.

  3. Ty,

    I would watch the video if I did not know who Elise Archer was. Unfortunately, I have been privy to her being abusive towards other fans. I am disappointed that you have chosen such a poor role model for an anti-bullying campaign.

    • Jessica,

      I have been following Elise’s work online for years and have never witnessed her being “abusive” to other fans as you claim. The most out there I have seen her get has been some intense and heated debates on some livejournal communities and if she was being “abusive”, then everyone else in those conversations was too.
      In fact, I have always noted she strives to encourage a sense of unity amongst fans, which I think is demonstrated in the projects she undertakes and would explain why people tend to be supportive of her rather than not.
      Furthermore, Ty didn’t “choose” her for any campaign. Ty is not the creator or instigator of the anti-bullying campaign Elise recorded her video for, he is merely sharing it as he enjoyed it. Perhaps if you watched the video you would see yourself from the content why.

      Personally, I’m glad Ty is using the platform of his blog to share videos like these two around.

      • Obviously, you don’t know her nor have you been on the receiving end of when you say, “Joker does not love Harley and I don’t care for the JokerxHarley ship.” Her personality will do a 360 and she will turn into a completely different person. Trust me, she’s not who you think she is.

    • Jessica….hey.

      I honestly have never seen Harley get abusive to anyone. She’s often very opinionated, and ain’t on the same planet as shy, but I’ve never seen her do anything that would cross my line. Perhaps she has crossed a line with other people? I’ve pissed off a poster or two in my day, and the lass under discussion does uses the salty language when it gets in her mind but so do I, and I wasn’t there when she crossed your line. No human on the planet is a perfect example of humanity, except of course, for Pat Boone. But I find Elise a positive and delightful person, in pretty well every interaction I’ve ever had with her, both in and out of costume, or online.
      As for Pat Boone, I’m waiting for his “It gets Better” vid. C’mon Pat…get the stones up on the table and do your part, man. We all need to stand up and be counted…

      Ty the Guy

      PS: BOTH videos are excellent. Even if you don’t like Elise, you probably would like her video. And I KNOW you’d love Heather’s story. She’s a beautiful, intelligent writer and survivor, with some touching insights about growing up bisexual in a pentecostal family. Brrr….

      EDITOR’S NOTE FOR BLOG READERS: many of the comments following, as you scroll down the page, are responding to deleted posts from a poster named “Charlie” and are not responding to Jessica’s perfectly polite post.

    • I’m a big follower of Elise as Harley and have often been in contact with her. And to me, she has never come across as a better and strong role model. She has a brilliant sense of humour, opinionated without being ignorant about other’s people’s opinions, strong willed in a POSITIVE way and she really understands people. She is also the last person to be bullying as she is so acceptive of people’s differences.
      She is a brilliant woman.

      • Elise is two-faced and completely crazy and narcissistic when it comes to Harley and the JokerxHarley ship. Bullies are usually people who you least expect.

  4. “Jessica”, you are not only misguided, you are laughably so. Elise has NEVER “abused” her fans. She does, however, stand up for others’ and her own rights, and does so in a forthright and powerful manner. If you can’t handle that, I suggest you get off the internet.

    • I think you need to get your head checked, lady. That is Elise’s public face. YOU are the one who is misguided.

      • this. except clem is not misguided. she is fully aware of elise’s malignant nature and supports her in it cos she is a nasty piece of work herself, though she cloaks this in a mantle of fauxial justice. clem bastow was fully aware of elise archer, hannah ayn and alicia shervin’s extensive and heinous abuse of me and played cheerleader the whole time. her fauxlitics are a joke.

  5. Hey Charlie, are you aware that we can all tell it is you who is posting all these pathetic attempts to smear Elise’s name? Get better at internets, dude.

  6. Is this because she reblogged your posts and you got mad that she didn’t follow you? Come on 😛

    She is forthright and direct but never nasty. Save your vitrol for someone who deserves it – like maybe the people that brought the queer kids to suicide thus needing the It Gets Better project?

  7. Excuse me, who’s selfish and bratty?

    The one derailing a blog post that illustrates a GLBT-positive campaign to wield their own little grudge axe, perhaps?

    You’ve betrayed yourself with this comment. The abusive language you’ve used as well as your seeming need to make an “It Gets Better” video post about YOU reveals that the only selfish brat that snaps off with no provocation is you.

    Have a little class and think about what you’re doing. Spam-trolling Ty’s blog with you vendetta is not appropriate behaviour.

  8. Greetings Mr. Charlie.

    It’s a shame that you have to go out of your way, with a fake account or not, to try and sabotage someone’s reputation.

    Regardless of someone’s opinion of Elise, if you can’t see that what she’s doing is a very decent and wholesome act and your words are doing nothing but making the whole cause seem a little hard to achieve, as you’re attempting a form of cyber bullying yourself, and you seem more then a little petty.

    Just putting that out for food for thought. Toodles!


  9. Boy have you got your lines crossed. I follow Elise on many platforms, and went through a massive fangirl phase when I first discovered her, and went through so many articles and posts made by her. I still follow her now, and am in complete awe of this amazing and inspiring woman. I have never ever seen anything abusive written by her, even with replies to other people, and it infuriates me no end when hateful people like you want to rip on her for no good reason. Perhaps she said something that you passionately disagreed with and she replied back with equal passion – but that’s just her; Elise is extremely passionate about what she does and what she believes it. Maybe it comes across rude, but I honestly cannot imagine that she means anything ill by it. She always encourages positivity, and that’s one of the reasons why she is loved by many.

    Elise’s MO is to bring a high quality Harley Quinn cosplay to the masses, as well as educating people on sexual equality, and challenging society’s remaining taboos. She is beautiful, inside and out. For these reasons, Jessica, I can’t help but think that you’re just a little butthurt that you’re not even half as amazing as she is.

    Please, people, save your breath and gtfo with your hate-mongering. The world doesn’t need any more negativity.

  10. Ty doesn’t owe you an explanation, Charlie–again; his blog, his writing, his opinions.

    You’ve derailed a conversation about making the world a better, more supportive place to be… take a break and think before you next post here, please.

  11. All–
    for the record, Charlie is not Jessica, Jessica is not Charlie. Names may show up without links on the blog, but as the blog admin, I have the email addresses and the ISPs.

  12. I couldn’t be happier that Elise chose to make this video. The Harley Quinn character is one that is much loved by both guys and girls, of all ages, and ensures that many more people will see this video than if it was your average joe delivering the message.
    Elise’s video is both eloquent and humorous, while very effectively getting an important message out to any that may find comfort in hearing these words of support.
    Well done Elise, and well done to you as well Ty, for re-posting .

  13. I said “don’t be rude and abusive”. Rude and abusive comments about others will not be left up.

  14. If you think back, you’ll realise that I’ve deleted the comments where you’re name-calling and being abusive about others. The comments would have been left up if you hadn’t resorted to that.

    • Snap away, dude–just don’t label or name-call. All the comments are up–if you’ll read back you’ll see that you’re getting suggestions as to how people are perceiving your behaviour, but no one has called you any names or labelled you. Yep, you got falsely-accused of faking an email acct…but you’ve thrown around quite a few accusations yourself.

      • Charlie, respectfully – you are beginning to come off as more than a little unbalanced. You are ranting and behaving very immaturely and this behaviour just isn’t appropriate here.

        If Jessica isn’t you then I suspect I know who that is and her perspective of the situation is skewed as well.

        Bottom line: you are not helping your cause. You are sounding very unreasonable and even a little disturbed. Anyone who saw your comments before they were deleted knows what’s going on here. Just let it go. You don’t have to like Elise, but the abuse and the derailing and the hysterical raving just isn’t appropriate. Every time you comment you are making yourself look worse.

  15. All I know is that the original point of this post was to emphasize the act of one woman utilizing her notable ‘net-fame (be it notorious – though I can’t imagine why – or otherwise) to promote a community to an isolated group. If that’s not clever and decent, I’m sure I don’t know what is.

    Besides that, what’s the point of dismantling a cause based on who is engaging in furthering it? You don’t HAVE to like Elise to see that this is something that NEEDS promoting, and that the fact that she’s doing it – and the manner in which she’s chosen to – is definitely contributing something good to the cause. Whether you think she’s luverly or not — though obviously tons’a folks here disagree with you — she’s doing something outstanding for people who may otherwise feel untouched by this outreach. People like me. People maybe even like you. But the point is, they’re people, and they’re out there, and they may need a video like this to help them take a few steps on their road to recovery and acceptance. They may need to know that someone wants to meet them, that they are not alone, and that there are people looking and being fabulous in harlequin costumes there to welcome them (if you cannot see how this promotes self-expression to a group of what could be very repressed individuals, I cannot help you).

    Why are you discounting that as a whole based on any experience you may have had with the woman who’s doing it? Especially if your experiences with her are OUTSIDE the arena of queer politics — then you really don’t have a leg to stand on as to discrediting her work here.

    I guess the point is that you are free to dislike whoever you want to dislike, but quit spewing your hate all over my cause. Write on your own blog about how tightly knotted your knickers get over someone. Don’t weigh down one of the few good things I get to see in this regard with some personal/petty issue.

    Viva la revolución!

    • Except that it is for a cause. The whole point of this post was to note that she made a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign. So, that’s the focus (you’ll even notice that Heather’s video was also linked, further lending the focus to the campaign — which was also included in the title). And it’s a cause. That’s not an “excuse,” it’s just a point of fact.

      Annnd…seeing as how you didn’t address a single point in my post besides the fact that I said something about your knickers (which, again, is more a point of fact, being that it’s another way of saying “wound up,” which clearly, by your own testament – being “pissed” – you are), I think it’s time I stop wasting my energy on this. XD

      Oh, also: Nice job sneaking in the opportunity to use the word “whore” there. Because that’s not phobic or damaging whatsoever. :]

      • You… HAVE WATCHED the video, right? The actual message followed by a tour of a gay neighbourhood, pointing out how to recognise safe spaces, venues that are queer-oriented, showing magazines that are queer focused for more information and a big list of helplines?
        How is that making the campaign just filler? Please. You’re going to have to explain this to me, because it’s just not making sense from where I am. The video is providing practical information on how to access the queer community where Elise lives. How is that filler? How is that an aside?

        You are hopelessly transparent here, I’m afraid. My heart is going out to you as you’re clearly one unhappy person. But you’re projecting in this instance and it just isn’t appopriate or warranted.

      • “entitled”? I think you mean indebted there, Charlie. And–nice one. You “know the reason” and you make a joke about “affectionate”. The joke is much too subtle for me to get, Charlie, but just for the sake of it–we live in Canada. Elise lives in Australia. She’s never been to Canada and we’ve never been to Australia. She and Ty have never been in the same country, let alone the same city.

        • You are beginning to get seriously creepy and disturbing. I mean… this is getting way beyond a joke. You clearly don’t realise how obsessed you sound or how stalkerish. That you are unafraid to reveal how inappropriate your behaviour has been or to make such bizarre accusations in such a public setting says a lot about your state of mind.

          Ty, Keiren – I seriously think it’s time you blocked this person and deleted his comments. His behaviour has actually verged into veiled-threat territory and I strongly suspect he is thriving on the attention and will simply escalate in action until he really does something crazy. If I were Elise, I would actually be feeling very afraid right now and with due cause. Please do not enable this person any further, he is clearly disturbed and will only feed off the exchange happening here.

        • …… you SHOULD be afraid to reveal who you are because you are revealing yourself as a total crackpot!!! That you have no sense of shame or perspective on your crazed and obsessive behaviour is TELLING and the story is a SCARY one.

          You have no right to make such accusations about Ty Keiren, Elise or ANYONE ELSE for that matter. I didn’t ask to be told but that you felt like you had to say – man, you have got some weird compulsion going on about this situation. I don’t understand it but I am disturbed by it. I don’t believe you but even if what you claim were true, it’s NOBODY’s business and certainly not yours to go talking about.

          Shades of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, anyone? Brrrr.

          You have successfully shot yourself in the foot. There is noone who is going to read your vitriol here and take you seriously. You’ve ruined your own cause and for what? Why?

          Get help.

  16. I enjoyed these two videos very much; they are both really great. Kudos to Elise and Heather for contributing to the ‘It Gets Better’ project in their own way, and for getting this message out there to those who need to hear it. As always- Spread the Love people!!! ❤

  17. Hey folks…Ty here…I’ve been off teaching tonight and my wife has been commenting from my account, but I wanted to jump in here and add my actual voice to the noise.
    1) I believe in honesty, but your posts are meaningless, snarling insults that bring nothing to the conversation. Like I would discipline a misbehaving child, I’m sending you to your room. Enough.
    2) The irony of coming on and hating someone who posted a video that is ENTIRELY about acceptance and voiding hatred, is just so off the scale it seems contrived. Damn Martin Luther King and his campaign. Fuck Ghandi, and I hope someone shot that Lincoln in the head….oh wait, all three of those guys DID get shot. There’s your irony for you. People who try to say “Let’s stop hating” are the ones that get all the anger thrown at them. Consider that, when next you post something. Did you know Ghandi used to spit when he chewed, and would occasionally fart without excusing himself. Probably a bad roommate, but a TERRIFIC fighter for peace. If you want to come on here and talk about Ghandi spitting while he chewed food, you just look like someone focused on hatred, and not on love. Try to avoid irony, thank you.
    3) Elise is a good friend of mine, so is Heather. This is my house, and I probably will stand up for my friends being insulted in my house, you’ll have to accept that.
    4) Fun. The world is fun. Try to focus on teddy bears and gum drops, people. FUN!

    Ty the Guy

  18. Christ, the immaturity of this hate campaign you’ve got going on here is so inappropriate. You obviously have a personal vendetta, and that’s a real shame. We’re not hating on you for not liking Elise, but what we DON’T like is you talking to everyone like they’re stupid for not hating her like you do. Does that make any sense? Not at all!

    What on earth is she supposed to have done, anyway? If you know all these things about her, why don’t you go out and say it? Because you have ALWAYS been spiteful about Elise without even attempting to justify it with examples of things that she did which we could probably empathise with you on.

    Up until this point, you just look like a hater, hating for the pure sake of hatred. It’s not a good look.

    • What evidence?! I’m seriously asking you now, what specifically has Elise actually done?

    • That’s enough. You’ve insulted me, my wife, my friends and I’ve been nothing but polite. I can’t seem to hug you into being happy, so you’re done. Sorry Charlie, I put up with a barking dog only so long before I go out into the yard and kick the damn thing in the teeth. For those who are getting here late, there’s an unbalanced fellow named Charlie who took over this blog and I’m afraid I’m deleting him permanently. So there are a lot of replies to comments that no longer exist. I’m terribly sorry if this is confusing, but there’s a line where it’s just about shutting up a barking dog.
      We now return you to our regular blog.

  19. Elise Archer is an amazing woman who supports equal rights for all people. This video not only promotes something that needs to have some support, but a cause she feels strongly about.

    Thank You Ty for re-posting this video of hers and helping to spread the word.

  20. Also, Charlie says ….
    (Editor Ty here – I’m sorry Joanthon, but I’m deleting the messages that even quote what Charlie says. I’m making him a “non-person” around here. He officially doesn’t exist, so I’m afraid that includes comments that quote him. I know you were trying to engage him to be quiet, but it’s better if he simply didn’t exist, so that includes comments about him, at this point. Very sorry…it’s either this or close down the comments on this blog entry, which give this poor unbalanced fellow more power than he deserves to have.)

  21. Ah, both ladies had wonderfully inspiring videos! I hope more LGBTQI youth and people who need a supportive someone can see these videos and know that they’re not alone and there are people out there to help things get somewhat better. ❤

  22. What is the matter with you guys insulting someone for no obvious reason then get mad at Ty who’s trying to calm you down ? And what the hell is wrong with you “Charlie” and “Jessica” ? What has Elise done to you – I have never ever seen/heard/written anything coming from her that could hurt somebody – she discusses various themes and topics as reasonable as one could, sure she has her own opinion – who doesn’t ?
    She’s been a great rolemodel for hundreds of Harley-fans all over the world, she answers every mail she gets politely and tries to solve problems and questions as quickly as possible. I’ve never experienced her getting mad at somebody for nothing – in fact I only know her protecting her friends and opinions so far. And you blame her for that ? That’s low, that’s really low.

  23. It seems I’ve come a little late to the ‘party’ but I can still see the original comment and everyone’s reactions to what this Jessica/Charlie said in the meantime. That probably says enough.

    At the risk of parroting everyone else, whether you have a problem with Elise or not, this was definitely not the place to air it. Especially on what is essentially an anti-hate campaign. Regardless of how you feel, she’s trying to help others. If you can’t shut up any other time, you would think you could here. And abusing anyone who doesn’t dislike her too? How does that make sense?

    I certainly don’t know where this ‘abusive towards her fans’ thing comes from. She is very passionate and has strong viewpoints on quite a few subjects. I’ve often been in debates with her when we’ve had differing views. I’ve also seen her disagree with her fans on certain issues. But I certainly wouldn’t say she’s abusive. Just because you don’t always agree and chose to say so and why, doesn’t mean you’re treating the other person like crap. You’re disagreeing.

    At any rate, I’m rather glad I got here when all the comments have been deleted as I’m sure I would have got a lot angrier at someone being so infantile. Right now I can sweep in with semi-confused ‘hey so what happened here?’ calmness.

    Returning to the most important part of this post, that unfortunately has been completely overshadowed by all this vitriol, is that I really enjoyed this video by Elise. I’ve been going through a few gender/sexuality issues myself, this really helped. I’ve looked up to Elise for quite a while now on both fandom and queer issues so it’s rather nice to see the two mashed together.

    This was also one of the few really helpful videos too with all the help finding queer-safe areas and hotspots. If only I lived in Australia. Nevertheless it’s given me a new holiday location to save up to go too 😀

    Also I will be giving Heather’s video a look too.

    Once again, it’s a shame that someone’s own unrelated issues have taken over something that’s so positive but the link to the videos are still here to stay. His words are not. Let’s treat this post that way.

    • Ah, thanks for the vote for sanity. Yeah, the videos are both great.
      And not to drag this out any further, but I’m suddenly feeling that poor Jessica is being attacked unfairly now, because I left her post up while I took down all the others by the tenaciously angry person. What Jessica said was just fine, she didn’t insult, she offered an opinion, Jessica is not a bad person, and she’s welcome back any time. Let’s please not pick on polite Jessica, and become what we dislike in others. The unpleasant person who is now un-personed, went Harvey Kietel in a drug-addicted-cop-movie nuts, and I finally blew a gasket and turfed him. Jessica good. Crazy person, not the same.

      Ty the Guy. Breathing out. Because…it’s quiet. TOO quiet.

  24. I don’t check in on this blog alone for one measly day and look what happens. Drama! Anarchy! Dog and cats living together… mass hysteria!

    I won’t comment on cosplay-gate, but will commend anyone who takes a stand against bullying and discrimination. Thanks to Ty for doing his part to spread the good word.

  25. Stupid typos…my name is Jonathon. LOL I have corrected my mistake now lol

  26. I started following Elise earlier this summer when I first really got into Batman and especially the character Harley Quinn, and man alive she embodies the character like no other! Well actually I really like Tara Strand and Blair Grimoire and so many many others too but thats beside the point. Elise has since then been sort of a distant sort of role model to me, I’m very into the nerd scene and can be shy and nervous when it comes to expressing my love and ‘obsession’ with these characters and seeing someone like Elise cosplay this character and portray her with all of her heart was really neat to me. So now that I’ve established that I think she is AWESOME I just wanted to say how much these encouraging messages astound and just inspire me. I’ve always been a huge activist when it comes to Gay rights and the ‘It Gets Better’ movement is an awesome way to offer up encouraging words and help those who struggle with being bullied and feeling unaccepted, so seeing my favorite character and one of my favorite cosplayers stand up and address this in a funny and awesome video makes me giddy.
    So thankyou Elise, thankyou for always being so kind to me and talking back to me and your other fans, and thankyou for standing up for what you believe in and sending out a beautiful message!

  27. i wanna jump in and say that elise archer bullied me, stalked me, slandered me, gaslighted me, leveled false accusations at me, made nuisance calls to my local cops and sent them to my house, where they caused property damage, participated in an attempt to get me maliciously forcibly committed, sicced numerous accomplices onto me, deliberately triggered me, did her all to isolate and manipulate me, made veiled threats to kill, made 5am breather calls and finally came to my state, to work under my fucking cat’s name and attempt to murder me. she left evidence of her intention and i escaped her by moving out of my house in a hurry.

    btw she is a psychopath. she indirectly told me so and besides she has all the hallmarks of it. hence the jekyll and hyde stuff. only her victims see the real her. which is hyde. just to be clear.

  28. actually i’m not. i do not meet the criteria. but elise does.

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