The SECRET ORIGIN of GOOD-MAN! Real Quick Comics!

If it’s Saturday, I must continue to sell my soul to this blog!

For the internet, it is my master.

There’s so little time this weekend, I’m still working away at my latest issue of Bongo Comics “the Simpsons”, as well as catching up from some other things I’ll happily show you when editors allow me to. (Cool Marvel and Cool Mad Magazine things is all I can say…).

And now, since one or two people actually demanded it:  The return of Good-Man!

That story took almost twenty minutes.  I promise I won’t spend so much time on the next one!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Real Quick Comic Book moment of zen:


6 responses to “The SECRET ORIGIN of GOOD-MAN! Real Quick Comics!

  1. So, in real life, Mr. Good Man is Rod Smith?

    Is this the same Rod Smith that will soon be the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Florida?

    You mean, I actually know Mr. Good Man and just never realized it?



    Steven G. Willis

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  3. The story clearly states that “Rod Smith” is an American worker. I’ve never seen a politician work a day in their lives!
    -Hah! Will Rogers wit and wisdom wins the day!

    Ty the Guy

  4. Oh No! Marie hates Good-Man?! But Rod IS Good-Man!

    Thanks for creating another exciting episode of Good-Man. I’m loving it!

    • I’m fairly sure Marie doesn’t KNOW that Rod is Good-Man, or else she likely wouldn’t say that. Poor Good-Man, his life is such turmoil.

  5. Used to have that Quick Bunny comic, and boy was it random. Sent it off to Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall and he did a neat little review of it:

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