Star Trek Bun Toons, YAY!

Ah, hardly up by noon, but this one took a couple of minutes, and so it’s only Saturday morning by Hawaii time.  That still counts, right?

Today I boldly toon where no bunny has gone before.

Here it is.  All summed up.  You needn’t look further.   I’ve been investigating Star Trek for decades,  I own all the episodes, all the series, the  movies and cartoons, and even wrote a STAR Trek TOS OGN for IDW that nearly won a JSA,  and I’ve got it all down to a science.    Now, I present to you…

Beam me up Mr. Kyle, I’m afraid there’s nothing more to be said.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Star Trek Comic Book Moment of Zen:

Yes, it’s real.


17 responses to “Star Trek Bun Toons, YAY!

  1. How did you know my question about the Comic Book Zen moment?

    Psychic toons.

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  3. I think that instead of the impression that Ty gives of always being harried and running behind, he instead actually lives a day in ahead of all of us.

    That is how he knew the question we would all be asking before we knew to ask it…


    Steven G. Willis

  4. It all makes sense when you realize that he is The Doctor and he can…

    I’ve said to much.

  5. I can’t get over how AWESOME Worf looks on that second panel!

  6. So true. Star Trek in a nutshell. Fun.

  7. “Did he just… PUNCH MY SHIP?”

    That and the “Dr. McCoy?” moment are all you really need to know about that comic.

  8. You are referring to the Shi’ar warrior punching the Enterprise, and the “Doctor McCoy?” moment was when the Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy) answered for Bones…right? I have actually read BOTH Star Trek and X-Men crossover comics. Being a lifelong fan of both, of course I have those issues. No grabbing the moment of zen from the web for me. I live it, people!

  9. I have both copies of the zen comic!
    I forgot about those two plot point gems!
    Love it!

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  14. But did you read the Star Trek/X-Men novel? With the worst cover ever?

  15. @Ty

    Damn right I am. COMEDY GOLD.

    Not that I would encourage it, but if they did manage a RebooTrek/X-Men movie? *I would find that hilarious.*

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