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Monday December 13

LGTBQ in Comics from When Fangirls Attack

Grace Choi, Hope Larson, Ice & Joan Hilty from When Fangirls Attack

Race, Ethnicity, & POCs in Comics from When Fangirls Attack

December 15th, 2010 new releases by Canadian Creators from The Joe Shuster Awards


Northern Guard #1 in stores December 15th! from Drawing for Humans


Preview:  Strange Tales II #3 from Comixology


Tuesday December 14

Christmas Countdown:  Santa vs. Darkseid from The Comics Cube

(Return of the King)  Also Out This Week from Broken Frontier

Northern Guard #1 from Comic Vine

Wednesday December 15

Northern Guard #1 from iFanboy

Northern Guard #1 hits shelves TODAY! from Drawings for Humans


Strange Tales 2 #3 (of 3) from iFanboy

New Comics Day 12/15/10 from A Descent into Dullness

The Gosh! Authority 15/12/10 from Gosh! The Gosh! Comics Blog

Pick of the Week – 12.15.2010 from iFanboy


Thursday December 16

Thursday December 16 from Context is for the Weak


Best Shots Rapid Reviews:  BLACK PANTHER, SUPERGIRL, More from Newsarama

Spotlight on:  Northern Guard #1 from The Curious Comics Blog

Friday December 17

What I Bought – 15 December 2010 from Comic Book Resources


The Northern Guard #1 from Kitty’s Pryde

Saturday December 18

Dino-comics from “Ty Templeton’s Art Land” from ilovedinomartin

Sunday December 19

Strange Tales II #3 – Review from Weekly Comic Book Review

Canadian Content Alert/india ink from DC Comics Message Boards

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