LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday December 20

Weekly Round-Up #54 from Comics Nexus


Best Shots:  UNCANNY X-FORCE, GREEN LANTERN and many more from Newsarama

Late Afternoon Quickie from Santas Working Overtime

The Spirit (2007 Series #13) from The Back Issue Bin

Tuesday December 21

On the Stands:  Mad #507 from The Mad Blog/Richmond Illustration Inc.


The Top 7 Homicidal Santa Comics from From the Batcave & Beyond


Wednesday December 22

CBD’s 52Q/#17:  What is your favorite Christmas-Centric Comic Book? from Comic Book Daily

Everything But Imaginary #379:  The Christmas Comics of 2010 from cxPulp!

Thursday December 23

Religion and Characters in Elongated Man #3 (Mar. 1992):  “Europe ’92, Part Three: From Bad to Wurst!” by Gerard Jones, Mike Parobeck, Ty Templeton from Comic Book Religion

Friday December 24

24.Dec.2010 The C-List:  C is for Xmas from Sequential/canadian comix news and culture

How big is that clubhouse anyway? from Random Happenstance

Merry Christmas! Deck the Hall…of Justice! from The Joe Shuster Awards

Saturday December 25

Christmas Links from Written World

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