Bun Toons Countdown 2010 Part IV! Star Trek in Four Panels!

Today we offend the Trekkies.  When this first ran in November, thousands read it, and thousands objected.  Mostly Riker fans, but who really cares about them?

This got reblogged on Wil Wheaton’s site…I’m still getting a tons of hits from this one a month later.  FULL DISCLOSURE:  I’m a Trekkie…I’ve written a Star Trek Graphic Novel for IDW, and I’ve not only got discs for all 30 seasons of the shows, I’ve got all the Power Record Read Along comics…so no harm done, okay?

There’s so much you can do in just four panels.  First the world of Star Trek…and now…

Coming Soon:  Quantum Physics All in Four Panels…easy as pie.

See you tomorrow, on New Year’s Day for the most popular Bun Toon of the year…tens of thousands of hits, just because it’s all about SEX!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your New Year’s Eve Comic Book Moment of Zen:

Darn, this is the last day of 2010 that I can promote this issue of Mad Magazine:

5 responses to “Bun Toons Countdown 2010 Part IV! Star Trek in Four Panels!

  1. At least Mr. Worf has not gone all Buddhist on us.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Ha! Loved the Star Trek panels. Did you enjoy DS9? I really liked it (thought it broke alot of new ground of Star Trek, actually), but everyone seems very polarized on the subject. I’m more of a Morn, myself (may he RIP)

  3. Ok, sorry to post again, but did you like Enterprise??? I only ask because I saw Porthos up there. I found it….lacking.

    • You’re the FIRST person in the many thousands of readers of this particular strip that mentioned Porthos! I put him in there, specifically so people would know I was a Trekkie, as most civilians have never heard of the dog. Yes, I very much enjoyed Enterprise, DS9 and almost all the others…I tried REALLY hard to like Voyager, though I’m male enough to admit it was mostly for Seven of Nine towards the end…even though the Doctor was the real hero. I’m not only sick enough that I own a disc for every episode of Trek ever made (all 7 different series including the New Voyages!), but I was briefly employed as a Trek writer for IDW. Enterprise wasn’t my favorite series (that goes to Kirk and Spock) but it was hard not to like the Enterprise crew…Glad to have you along for the blog ride, Surgeon Girl!

  4. I’ll be here, as you’re in my favs bar. That’s when you know you’ve reached appreciable internet status.

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