2011 Animal Facts Bun Toons! Yay!

it's 2011 and what do you get? Another year older and deeper in debt.

It’s all about the animals today, at Bun Toons.  We love ’em, we pet ’em and we eat ’em when the dinner bell sounds.    You can never have enough knowledge about the critters of this world, and so we present…

More amazing animal facts as my crack team of researches finds them.

That’s enough tooning for today.  I’m back to sleeping on silk cushions whilst well toned maidens slowly wave palm fronds at my perfumed body.  The life of a cartoonist is difficult in this way…

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your cartoon bear moment of zen:

No amount of honey is going to improve any of these recipies.



2 responses to “2011 Animal Facts Bun Toons! Yay!

  1. Great find: http://www.amazon.com/Cooking-Pooh-Cookie-Cutters-Adventures/dp/1570822611

    I am sure this editor at Disney laugher the whole way through the process.


    Steven G. Willis

    • The moments of zen are often intentionally funny, often not. I cannot decide if this one was intentional or not…which is obviously zen.

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