Back to teaching, starting tomorrow! Come on out for learnin’!

The holiday is over, and I’m back at my post, teaching comic book courses at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop tomorrow.  Besides writing and drawing comics for a living, I also instruct on how you guys can waste your life doing the same things.   Classes for the scriptwriting courses are more or less filled up (though I think we can squeeze one last student in before we run out of space) but the layout and storytelling courses have about five empty chairs as of now.  If anyone’s interested in learning the ropes of comic layout, and you live in the Toronto area, then get in touch with Sean Menard, the Workshop’s fearless leader (Call 647-328-1656.  E-mail ), and give him a shout, the classes are more fun when they’re filled up.  You learn more from the other students than you’d expect.

Shameless plug over, back to drawing Spider-Man, Homer and the gang.  (And no, I’m not drawing a cross-over, as cool as that would be…I’ve merely got two gigs on top of each other this month….bragging bastard that I am.)

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your shameless plug afterthought:

I think it's clear from this cover that Plug is a shameless person.


2 responses to “Back to teaching, starting tomorrow! Come on out for learnin’!

  1. There is nothing that sounds better now than being in Toronto to be able to join your tomorrow especially with all that is happening with my very own Congresswoman here in Tucson.

    Have fun Mr. Teacher.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Yes, of course, we’ve heard about the tragedy out where you live. I’m sorry your state is going through that. Think good thoughts, Steve…


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