Why Cartoons are the ultimate communicators

I’m fairly sure we’ve all seen the horror in Arizona played out on our TVs these last few days.  Once the facts are exhausted, the cable morons have nothing to fill time with, so they blather about blame, motivation, speculation and whatever pops into their heads.  Don’t watch it, it won’t help you understand anything.

But if you’d like to see the last 48 hours of pundit shouting explained,  check out the following-

I don’t often agree with Glenn McCoy politically, but I can’t fault a single pixel of this image.  He’s summed up hours and hours of shouting and nonsense from BOTH sides of the political spectrum, into one easily digested image, and TA-DAA, you don’t have to watch CNN and FOX anymore.  Can ANY art form do that as well as a cartoon?

Like newspaper comic strips, the political cartoon is a dying art.  Sigh…but while it’s still out there, I’m still going to treat it like an object of precious gold when it’s done right.

The image was found at gocomics.com (specifically at Glenn’s page here).

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Sarah Palin Comic book moment:

This is one of MANY Sarah Palin comic book covers.  This woman has more titles than Wolverine lately.

5 responses to “Why Cartoons are the ultimate communicators

  1. My household gave up TV more than 5 years ago. We read plenty and stay plenty informed and do not miss at all the “talking heads”. Living in Tucson right now, I can not be more glad for that fact.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. You’re being more charitable than I think you should. I agree that blaming Sarah Palin or the Tea Party’s crazy-ass rhetoric for the horrible events in Tucson is stupid, but I don’t agree that Glenn McCoy is rising above the fray. The Liberal-baiting here is more subtle than what we can usually expect from McCoy, but it’s still there.

    My opinion is that the first caption in McCoy’s cartoon is not intended ironically. Notice that the female character is labelled “Arizona”, not “The Right.” He’s not actually criticizing anyone for (inaccurately) calling the gunman a pot-smoker, a flag-burner, and an admirer of Marx. Instead he’s endorsing that false assessment by repeating it.

  3. And…forgetting to mention that he read Hitler and Ayn Rand does little service to the idea that he was generally Anti-Government more than he was Left or Right. The guy is a Kook, that’s for sure. But the Anti-government folks are mainly sponsored by Beck/Limbaugh/Palin these days, and their voices are very angry.

    Everyone stepping back from the edge is not a bad idea.

  4. Knowing McCoy’s work, I think that he might actually believe the “pot smoker flag burner” stuff is closer to the legit story…BUT… McCoy did sum up that right side of the story in the most preposterous language possible, at least as I read it. Perhaps it was to paint the Left’s misinterpretation as more galling, but I see it as his sense of the nonsense on both sides. Yes, McCoy is a rightie, and often whips on Obama in ways that literally don’t make sense to me, but in this case, he summed up the lunacy on both sides so well, that I can’t fault the gag. And, if our artist doesn’t see the babble from the crying woman as crazy talk, and has inadvertently made fun of himself, it still sums up the last 48 hours of cable talk elegantly. Either way, the communication of the toon is so delightful and simple, compared to essays, pundits, and indeed, even our dissecting the image in these posts, that one must sit back and admire the form.
    Ty the Guy

  5. I agree with your main point, which is that the cartoon is amazingly succinct, and that it’s hard to imagine more effective or efficient communication in any other medium or art form. I do see this cartoon as propaganda, though, not satire. The Tea Party Express is actively cultivating the falsehood that Loughner was a “political liberal” and they are already using that falsehood in their fundraising activities. Glenn McCoy seems to be huffing the same fumes.

    The basic ingredient of satire is honesty, and I don’t see any of that here, but it’s funny and effective propaganda.

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