Work, work and work

It’s been a busy week for Ty as you can probably tell by the fact that there haven’t been any new posts this week. He’s working on all sorts of stuff he can’t talk about yet. All of this means that he’s decided he won’t be at Sunday’s Toronto ComiCon as once he finishes this assignment, he has to jump right into the next one. Next two or three, actually.  And you want to make sure he gets a new Bun Toons up this weekend, right?

But don’t let that stop you from attending and checking out all the talent (Georges Jeanty! Marcio Takara! and so many more!) which will be there…details on the HobbyStar website.


One response to “Work, work and work

  1. Bun Toons! Bun Toons! Bun Toons!

    Congrats on keeping the work lined up. Oh, and, btw:

    Bun Toons! Bun Toons! Bun Toons!


    Steven G. Willis

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