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Monday January 31

Marc Spector:  Moon Knight #42 (September 1992) from Fanthoman

Consider the Comic Book  by Natalie Cooper from The Varsity

NomCom Selections (Note:  this is NOT the final nominees list) from The Joe Shuster Awards

Wednesday February 2

Comic Book Legends Revealed from Comic Book Resources

02.FEB.2011 THE C-LIST: ONLY 4 PAID NEWSPAPER CARTOONISTS IN QUEBEC? from Sequential/Canadian comix news and culture

Friday February 4

Obelix uccide Tintin! from House of Mystery

3 responses to “LAST WEEK on the ‘net

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Sixty-five gay characters in DC comics as against ‘several’ at Marvel?! that’s quite the disparity, is there an explanation? (and please, no jokes about AC/DC)….

  2. Paul the Curmudgeon

    And no jokes about “Dial H for Homo” either, because, you know, that would be really, really immature.

  3. Without putting too fine a point on it, Marvel has become conservative in some respects in the last ten years or so. In the 60s, they were the upstart company, trying to horn in on National’s (DC’s) status as #1, so they were a little more daring, a little more timely (pun intended). But as their success grew, they became more and more interested in keeping the success going, and NOT challenging the status quo. Nowadays, with Marvel easily owning more than half the entire market, they don’t want their readers being uncomfortable, or especially their readers’ parents. Because DC is the challenger now, they look towards being daring and different to get a little attention. DC published the first comic book with a gay leading character (Sebastian O), and was the first company to put a gay character into their flagship title (The Tasmanian Devil in Justice League International, at the height of its sales). Sebastian and The Devil weren’t big commercial successes, and went away rather quickly, but the spirit of daring was at least there. Marvel, on the other hand, went out of their way to AVOID the issue of gay people, telling their writers to keep whatever gay characters they were creating in the closet….specifically Northstar in Alpha Flight, who wasn’t “out” until more than a decade after the writers figured out he was gay. There was an actual memo at Marvel to stop Northstar from coming out of the closet, as it was considered too controversial in the 80s.
    The creators at both companies (and others) come from the same pool of talent, so it’s clearly editorial decisions that have kept this disparity. CURRENTLY Marvel has gotten over their homophobia, but they still have a long time to catch up to DC.
    NOTE: You couldn’t get “homo” out of Robbie Reed’s dial, there was no “M” on the dial. You could get “hero”, “horror”, and “hoe”, but there were only the four letters.

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