The Top Ten Catwoman Actresses.

Anne Hathaway, practicing to be on all fours.

It was announced a week or so back that Anne Hathaway is going to be the new Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman film.  I’m reserving judgment until I see the movie, as Catwoman is a tricky character; the part has made or broken the careers of a few thespians.  Either way, one doesn’t walk away from playing Selina Kyle without some sort of permanent mark.

This woman merely auditioned to play Catwoman in a local theater, and look what it did to her.

Here now…


10:  Halle Berry – Catwoman (2005).

Ahh! Ahh! It burns my eyes!!

I’m not sure Berry can be completely blamed for the unforgivable cluster-coitus that this movie turned out to be.  Though she won the 2005 “Razzie” award for Worst Actress for her part in the film (and showed up to receive it, which took balls), CATWOMAN also won a Razzie for Worst Screenplay, Worst Director, and Worst Film, so everything including the catered food contributed to this crap storm.  When your leading lady calls the final product “…a piece of shit, God-awful movie” you know you’re making a classic.  This film has nothing to do with Batman–or Catwoman for that

And yet, no one was arrested or detained.

matter—instead is based around Egyptian cat mythology, cosmetic-based drug pushing, and the transformation of a recently murdered woman named Patience into a cat-themed vigilante who wears an outfit created originally for Borat/Bruno slash-fic.  Eurgh.  Other than illegal Filipino Batman movies and a Mexican stage musical, there are only ten actresses who have ever played Catwoman officially, so that’s why Halle Berry made the list.  If the Filipinos had only bought the license properly, she would not have made the cut.  Do not watch this movie without a spotter as injuries may occur.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  Halle Berry is one of only two Catwomen I have actually met, and the only one I have touched with my bare hands.


She was the voice of Catwoman on all the Filmation “Super-Powers” Batman and Super-friends episodes.  I hated what she did with the character, the cackling laugh, the obnoxious purr noises, the entire routine.  Still, she was leagues better than Halle Berry.

Not bad looking for a voice actress, either.

Ms Britt was also the voice of Batgirl, AND the sexy She-Ra, so she knew her way around shapely two-dimensional characters.

8-  Maggie Baird.  BIRDS OF PREY (2002)

Technically, her part on the show was billed as "Mom".

She played Catwoman in the flashback sequences on Birds of Prey, the mildly disappointing but not-awful TV show of a few years back.  Though she was the HUNTRESS’ mother on the series (something ret-conned out of the DC Comics continuity after the original CRISIS) her flashback sequences were fairly rare, and I’m not sure if I remember Catwoman actually having a speaking line on any episode.  She was still better than Halle Berry.

"Mom" out of costume.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  I am the only human on Earth who owns video copies of every episode of the Birds of Prey series.  I’m not sure the producers even kept a set.

7)  Gina Gershon:  THE BATMAN (Animated Series 2005)

Gina took over playing the animated Catwoman in the Batman series that ran from 2004 to 2008.  Gina Gershon certainly has the attitude, the bod, the voice, and probably knows how to handle a nine-tailed whip better than my high school lacrosse coach ever did.

I'm fairly sure we can make a whip out of the outfit she's wearing here.

Frankly, I would have preferred a live-action Gershon Catwoman than the less-than sexy designs they went with for this version of the character.


Seriously ugly design.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  This version of Selina Kyle is from the animated version of Batman that got Dan Slott and me fired a few years ago from Batman Adventures.  But I’m not bitter.

6)  Julia Rose: BATMAN: RETURN TO THE BATCAVE: The misadventures of adam and burt (2003)

Amazingly enough, that is not Julie Newmar, Adam and Burt, but an Hollywood reproduction.

She played Julie Newmar (and therefore, Catwoman), in the 1999 TV movie.  This telefilm was a somewhat fictionalized story about the making of the original Adam West show including some amusing nonsense that simply didn’t happen.  Worth a look for Bat-fans, if only to see Adam and Burt together again in the 90s!  Julia has a fairly minor part, seen in the flashback sequences, but hubba-hubba!  Ms. Rose  looked amazing in the Catwoman outfit and pulled off the trick as an impression of a different actress playing the part.

Julia Rose: A little bit of Julie Newmar with a little bit of Anne Hathaway.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  I LOVE this movie, primarily for the Frank Gorshin performance as “Frank Gorshin, the aging lunatic”.

5)  Lee Meriwether.  BATMAN: The Movie (1966)

Ahhh…Batman: the Movie.  Such rich chocolately goodness to behold for the lifelong Bat-fan.  Up until the recent Dark Knight movie, this was my hands down favorite Batman film, and still the one I’ve seen the most times by a wide margin.  (It’s likely over twenty-five times by now).  The scenes where “Miss Kitka” was trying to seduce Bruce Wayne with her goofy Russian accent, I could do without, but she wore the Emma-Peel-With-Ears outfit with flying colors,  and moved all cat-like when she needed.  And have you seen a recent picture of Ms. Meriweather?  It’s not just my  opinion, but a provable fact that Lee Meriwether is the hottest senior citizen on the planet Earth.

The mind boggles. Clearly a deal with the devil is involved.

4)  Eartha Kitt.  BATMAN (The TV Series) 1968


Orson Welles once called Eartha Kitt “The most exciting woman in the world”.  Considering that Welles worked with Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Marlene Deitrich, and Deloris Del Rio, Orson knew his way around exciting women.  It’s really about “the voice”.  No one did the purring sound like Eartha because the woman was actually genetically part cat.  It’s in her name, so there’s no use in pretending.  Find a copy of the old musical St. Louis Blues on DVD and tell me the woman in that film isn’t a human-feline hybrid created in a lab somewhere.

Looking at this photo is part of becoming a fully grown man. It's a right of passage.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  Ms. Kitt is the other Catwoman I got to meet.  I played a prank on her at a party once, and my girlfriend (at the time) got blamed for it.  I am an evil man.

3)  Julie Newmar.  BATMAN (the TV Series) 1966

Now we're talking!

She was the first Catwoman actress, and certainly one of the best.  Sexy, slinky, supple, and other words that start with S.  No matter how well Eartha Kitt did the “purrr-fect” gag, Julie still did it first, and created the template of Catwoman as a live breathing character to fanboys and girls the world over.

As far as I can tell, Julie is the only Catwoman who had a movie written about her cult status amongst transvestites.

This is NOT part of becoming a fully grown man.

But Julie is ALL girl, and even has a patent on a special kind of bra, and a special kind of butt-shaping undergarment.  Both inventions are the lingerie of choice amongst transvestites, I understand.  Thanks Wong Fu.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  I learned everything about the birds and the bees by watching Julie give birth on Star Trek.

"No one may touch me but the Ma-Coy"

2)  Adrienne Barbeau:  BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (1992)

Is it wrong of me to like this drawing a lot?

It’s hard to find fault with this version of the character, arguably the best interpretation of Ms. Kyle yet put to screen.  Her origin as a socialite turned animal rights activist turned jewel thief in a slinky cat-costume hit all the right buttons for this Selina-phile.  The costume is great, and the voice behind it is the completely  Catwoman-worthy Adrienne Barbeau.

My wife chose this photo of Ms. Barbeau, don't blame me.

Great in a cat-suit.  Great lurking in a swamp with the Swamp Thing.  Great sparring with Bea Arthur in Maude.  Just great.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  I briefly dated a woman who played the Siamese cat in a production of Cats, and who wore a costume identical to this one – on stage, mostly.  Also: I wrote and drew this version of Catwoman quite a few times, and won a few awards for it.

The cats on this cover are all my own cats, by the way. They even posed.

1)  Michelle Pfeiffer.   BATMAN RETURNS.  (1992)

There are no words...

It’s wrong of me.  I know. But this is the version in my head when someone says “Catwoman”. It’s also the image in my head when someone says “Leather body-suit” or “Is that your zipper?”.  It’s not just the costume, it’s not Michelle Pfeiffer,  it’s not because this is a well written version of Catwoman (though her scenes with Bruce are the most “on character” moments in any of the Tim Burton movies) and it’s not the whip.  But the whole combination of that actress, in that suit, with that whip, in that movie, at that time…it imprinted the Correct  Catwoman-ness into my DNA even though it makes me feel all private and tingly whenever I see the it.

Michelle out of the cat-suit, and STILL I see Catwoman.

PERSONAL CATWOMAN CONNECTION:  As it spent some time on display in the big conference room at the DC offices, I have actually touched Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman suit.  The costume was smaller than I thought it was.  Legends loom large.

There you have it Anne.  You’ve got some competition for the hearts and minds of the audience.  I generally like the newer Batman movies, so there’s a good chance you’ll pull it off, just so long as you don’t drink milk and lick yourself like Halle Berry, and you don’t try to do Eartha Kitt’s voice.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Special Postscript:  I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a photograph of a friend of mine, Meghan Campbell, who is Toronto’s (and possibly comic fandom’s) best Catwoman cosplayer.  Don’t just take my word for it…

Meghan, playing on the stairs.

Again, Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Illegal Pilipino Batman Movie Moment:

The Catwoman in this unlicensed magnum opus was played by the remarkably named "Lotis Key"

For more of my lists, click HERE

77 responses to “The Top Ten Catwoman Actresses.

  1. Is Pilipino Batman shooting a raygun? I must find this film now. It could rival even Italian Spiderman, which if you haven’t YouTubed, you haven’t truly lived.

    As for Catwoman, I was always most fond of Eartha Kitt, but I can’t fault your choices here. Pfeiffer was fantastic in that role.

    • Do you mean the Turkish Spider-Man movie? I’ve never heard of the Italian one…

      • Italian Spiderman is a parody serial lampooning the horrible foreign versions of superhero films. It truly must be seen to be believed – especially the episode which ends in a surfing contest!

  2. Ms. Kitt is my fave too, though most folks I know would plop Newmar at number one. She is pretty fab. I have to say, I do use the bad Russian accent and some of the Kitka lines in my every day life…

    Halle is really only good when she’s playing modern, realistic people. She should stay clear of anything super-hero-esque. Like, there should be a restraining order. I’m STILL frustrated by her performance in X-Men. What, was Angela Bassett in space at the time? Because as long as she was on Earth, there was really no excuse to have anyone else be Storm.


    • My understanding, at the time, was that Angela was cast but dropped out or chose to instead do Supernova. Not one of the great career choices.

  3. Technically, you cannot call what Halle Berry did in X-Men a “performance”.

  4. Wow.
    Your friend is ROCKING the Catwoman look, that’s impressive! And I agree, Mr. Templeton, Michelle Pfeiffer IS Catwoman on my mind, too!

  5. Re: the Filipino Batman.

    Sigh. Just. Sigh.

    • Is that a happy sigh? It is for me. I LOVE illegal movies.

      • Remind me to introduce you to Gagamboy, whose name literally means “Spider Boy.” Ooh, or better yet, our stretchy hero, Lastikman. Or our hero who turns from mere mortal to mighty superhero, Captain Barbell.

        I’m trying to place the Superman that they lifted that drawing from. I’m sure I’ve seen it before – either Curt Swan’s or Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s.

  6. Pfeiffer? Kitt? Oh, you poor, poor Central Canadian.

    Julie Newmar rules. That’s right fanboy, everybody else drools.

    The Birds of Prey DVD set is great for another reason : a Batman in flashback with a flowing cape and no body armour. We got to see the real Batman for 2.35 seconds.

    • If you ever want to see the “real” Batman on film, you must watch Batman “Dead End”. It’s on youtube and very much worth it. It’s an Alex Ross Batman brought to life.

  7. I have a copy of that. Yes, it was very well done.

  8. Paul the Curmudgeon

    You touched Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman suit? Cool. I touched Friendship 7, John Glenn’s space capsule.

    • Okay, between something that sent John Glenn out of this world, and something that merely sent ME out of this world, you win. The cat-suit never left the stratosphere…

  9. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Do you love illegal movies because, um, it’s an opportunity to strike a blow for social justice against the forces of late monopoly capitalism, the expropriation of surplus value and the cash nexus? or because it leaves a few extra dollars over for comics and stuff? Just wondering.

  10. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Where did you touch Halle Berry? And please don’t reply “In the lobby of the Biltmore Hotel”.

  11. I touched Halle Berry primarily on the hand. We were introduced in the green room at Late Night with Conan O’Brien on September 24th, 1993 (I still have my backstage pass and pulled it out of a drawer to check the date). The same day, I met Les Paul and his son, Dave Justice, Conan and Andy Richter. Never met Max Weinberg, though. It’s a long story of how I got into the green room, and why they thought I belonged there. As for my fondness for illegal movies, it’s the idea that I’m watching something made without supervision, and you usually get some sort of wildly off-the-mark acting and stories. I luxuriate in stuff done oddly or badly.

  12. Julie Newmar is number one. And she touched me.

    • I notice she’s not actually touching you in the photo….I’ll assume the touching happened in private.
      Actually, that’s a great photo of Julie. As you may know, she has neurological damage nowadays and her face is sadly frozen in place because of it. There were rumours for a while it was because of plastic surgery gone bad, but you can see in your photo how great she looked before the problems set in, and how little reason she would have had to do surgery. I respect your choice for Julie as #1. Our mileage may differ, but it’s a minor difference.

  13. Amazingly, all I can think about is how mad I still am over the cancellation of Batman Adventures. It’s tied with Legends of the Dark Knight as my favorite Bat-title ever.

    Three little “asides” come to mind, though. Firstly, thanks for the picture of Melendy Britt. Last month I finally re-watched She-Ra on DVD and had become curious what she looked like. (Alas, Wikipedia has no photo!) Secondly, I’ve been meaning to get the complete Birds of Prey DVD box set for the Gotham Girls flash series, which I remember streaming and enjoying. [Note to Warner Bros.: I am perfectly open to buying a standalone Gotham Girls DVD release.]

    Lastly, how, oh how, did you manage to write this entire article and not once use a variation on the phrase, “She causes strange stirrings in my utility belt?” That’s a level of self-discipline that’s simply beyond me!

    • I didn’t want to steal the line about stirrings in my utility belt because stealing a line usually bombs. And some days, you just can’t rid of a bomb.

  14. Hello Ty,

    We Filipinos love the caped crusaders so much! And loved copying him in different media. But I never knew this movie. The star, Victor Wood is one of our known singers here during the 70’s. OH if you love illegal movies, there was another dark knight movie during the 90’s, it was a parody… “Si Batman at Robin” I think was the title. It starred Joey de Leon (one of the best comedians here) and his son. One of the villains is TiyoPaenguin (Tiyo means uncle) a parody of the Penguin (but in Tagalog sa sound of TiyoPaenguin means “blowjob”) 🙂


    • There’s at least one more Filipino Batman movie called “Batwoman and Robin” made a few years after Fight Batman, Fight, which I haven’t seen, but I believe is a sequel. Thanks for the information, and I will definitely keep an eye out for “Si Batman at Robin”. I’ll watch any Batman movie, legal or not. I even own a copy of the 90s porn parody “Splatman”, which does, in fact, include a Catwoman part, but for once, her performance WASN’T as good as Halle Berry.

  15. I’m sorry… it’s “Alyas Batman and Robin” hahaha… here’s a musical scene from the movie…

    and here’s the musical ending.

    • Those were GREAT! I’d seen the musical number in the bank before, but had never seen the Beach Boys Tribute end credits. “Let’s be good to blood. Let’s be afraid of god!” Those are great Batman lyrics. And the dancing midget Spider-Man tied it all together in a sort of Kurbrick/Warhol mash up style. Thanks for getting those out and putting ’em here!

  16. Great list here. I think the top three is a tough call, and I think you almost nailed it… Julie Newmar should be second. She had the slink, the comedy timing, the interaction with characters, the campness, the body, the smile… Infact, she had everything!

    I just watched a whole episode of Batman again because of her. Compulsive viewing!

  17. Your mileage may differ….I know what you’re saying about Julie, and it’s why she’s third, but I’m not moving the Animated Catwoman played by Adrien Barbeau out of the 2nd spot, as that’s still the best Catwoman ever put to film. And Barbeau is a magnificent example of womanly virtue, no?

    Ty the Guy

    • I, too, watched that Batman marathon on Hub last night that Mark cited and was reminded how purr-fect Julie Newmar was. Upon further reflection, I would rank the top three thusly:

      1) Adrienne Barbeau
      2) Julie Newmar
      3) Michelle Pfeiffer

      Of course, it’s worth noting how difficult it is to rank Pfeiffer’s one-off performance against the others, who had recurring roles in episodic series. Pfeiffer was the brightest spot in Batman Returns for my money, but what Barbeau did entirely with her voice and what Newmar did with her eyes and hips was sublime.

  18. This is Catwoman actresses, not characterisations? If so, it’s between Newman and Pfeiffer hands-down! The look of an animated character isn’t up to the voice-over actress right? So, the actress can’t be judged on the animated character appearance. And with multiple takes being recorded in a tightly controlled sound studio I’m sure only the better takes would be used and manipulated, so at least have a separate category for voice-over actresses!

    I’d argue that Berry shouldn’t even be in it in the first place! Utterly dreadful. And, Christian Bale is to appear in the new Batman film? I thought he was awful – that stupid low-registry voice was too reminiscent of death metal bands. If it wasn’t for Heath Ledger, the film would have just been so-so.

    And yes, I agree with you Travis, the one-off performance of Pfeiffer can’t be compared, but she’s #1 in my book!

    • Regarding vocal work, I would say two things. Firstly, of course they only use the best takes. Same with live action performances. You don’t really think they just shoot a scene once, do you?

      Secondly, vocal work has its own demands. Remember, unlike a live action performer, a vocal performer has to enunciate in a way that’s congruous with the animation–which they rarely get to see until the release. It might sound simple, but most of us have never tried to create a character exclusively with our voice and then have to trust that someone else will make it look right.

      Barbeau gave us an aloof Selina Kyle, and a self-confident Catwoman. She never ventured into the camp that characterized the Catwomen of the 60s, resisting the playfulness in lieu of a Catwoman more intent on her objectives than with teasing Batman. You could put those episode scripts in the hands of a dozen other women and maybe you’d get some performances you might like, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone whose Catwoman would sound so much like what most of us imagined throughout our years of reading the comics. Forget the hypothetical dozen other vocal actresses; look at the others on this list. Barbeau had the benefit of stronger writing, certainly, but her Catwoman outshines the others primarily because of how she sounded more than what she said or how she looked (though the B:TAS design was perfect).

  19. I just watched an episode of Biography on Batman and Catwoman and got to see all the various actresses. Julie Newmar was an astonishing specimen of a woman, but her Catwoman was too tongue-in-cheek, wink-wink. Julie and Lee’s Catwoman seemed like they were bored kitties who were just toying with Batman for fun. Eartha WAS a cat. The way she posed, pounced, and that astonishingly authentic purrrrrrr! Her Catwoman had an aura of menace; she was serious about destroying Batman and Robin, and furious when they got in her way. I think most people confuse who was the hottest, or most beautiful with who was the BEST. As for Michelle, she deserves the top spot because not only was she the most complex Catwoman- vulnerable yet ferocious, a wronged woman yet a whacked-out psycho, she was utterly magnetic and had the most iconic look of any Catwoman. That suit is a classic. As for Halle Berry, she was ok but the costume was an embarrassment. It should be in this order in my humble opinion. 5. Halle Berry 4. Lee Meriwether 3. Julie Newmar 2. Eartha Kitt and 1. Michelle Pfeiffer.

    • As much as I love Halle Berry, her Catwoman movie was a car wreck, followed by a public execution with a case of explosive bowel prolapse. There’s no way she could have been ranked higher than the bottom of the list for that reason alone.

    • I’m gonna challenge this, actually. It seems you’re more impressed by an overt Catwoman, which is fine but I think you’re overlooking the cleverness of Newmar’s nuanced performance. She was in perfect keeping with the tone of the series, which oozed with subtle sexuality. What’s wrong with a “bored kitty toying with Batman?” She came alive during the climaxes of her episodes, suggestive of a character not easily stirred out of her bemused detachment from her activities. Without Batman, her Catwoman would likely play by herself and not even bother with the people or police of Gotham City. It takes Batman to arouse her interest.

      Also, we need to remember that these actresses did not design their costumes. They may have agreed to them (if they had any say on the matter, as I believe Berry had), and they had to make them work, sure, but they were designed by other people. Blame for Berry’s costume goes to Angus Strathie while credit for Pfeiffer’s goes to Bob Ringwood and Mary Vogt.

      Speaking of all this, perhaps as we get closer to the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” we might get a Best 7 or Top Ten list of Ty’s favorite Catwoman designs within the comics? I always liked the original purple dress for some reason. The gray suit with tail, too. The anthropomorphic Catwoman from “Catwoman” Annual #1 (1994)…not so much.

  20. Can you make me copies of those old Birds of Prey episodes? I’ll send you some blank DVDs.

    • “Birds of Prey” was released on DVD. Shouldn’t be too hard to find, and this way you’re not breaking the law and cheating writers and actors (though, mostly, writers) out of their rightful royalties.. Also, for anyone who might be interested, I just learned that Warner Bros. STILL has the “Gotham Girls” animated webisodes online!

    • I have to go with Travis’ response below: You can’t start distributing IP or you’re breaking the law, and more importantly, taking money from hardworking writers/producers etc. My family will tell you, I have a huge collection of things I’ve recorded off of the TV (for personal use, and they take up a large section of my basement) but I’m adamant about given copies out to friends. I’ve LENT copies of my collection, but I don’t make copies for people. For one thing, my brother Brad, a copyright/trademark champion, would kill me.

  21. aaaagh she skrate mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. I am going to have to go with Eartha Kitt on this one. I base that on acting (I must say I don’t believe some of you have seen her play the part; but kudos for putting her in the top 5). But my real issue is with Phiefer getting number one. Are you serious? That would be like saying Nicholson did a better Joker than Heath Ledger. But to each his (her) own.

    • Not only did I see Kitt in the part as a young kid in first run (I’m an old fart), I own the DVDs and have watched them fairly recently. I stand in line behind no one in my admiration for Earth Kitt. And as for picking the best Joker? It’s Mark Hamill, hands down, no question. But if I was picking my top ten Mistah J performances, I’d give Nicholson higher marks than Ledger, even though Heath was in the far, far better movie and was quite good in the role. But Heath’s joker was more calculating than insane, more ruthless than chaotic, and wasn’t particularly funny, except for the bit with the disappearing pencil, I didn’t laugh. Joker, as imagined by Bill Finger, Denny O’Neil and Paul Dini (and other Batman writers, such as this humble blogger) is insane, chaotic and damn funny. As good as Ledger was, he was playing a very interesting character in a Joker costume, but not really playing THE Joker. Nicholson wasn’t perfect, but at least he was the Joker. As for Pfeiffer, her movie was also fairly bad, but I can’t fault that outfit, her performance or her use of the whip. She rose above the material she was mired in. And my maleness might be included in that calculation…
      Our mileage may differ.

    • I didn’t see Kitt in the role originally, on account of not having been born yet but I gorged on reruns of the show. I dig what she did with the character, and I think it’s a shame that her few performances are often overlooked when discussing bold casting choices for these kinds of characters. Fans still whine about Michael Clarke Duncan playing Kingpin in Daredevil even though he was actually a great choice. Eartha Kitt doesn’t get nearly enough credit for blazing that trail. Best Catwoman ever, though? I just can’t see that, given how little she was really allowed to do with the role.

      As for Pfeiffer, I still maintain that the half of Batman Returns featuring her was great stuff. It’s the half with Danny DeVito’s Penguin that bogs it all down. She had solid chemistry with Michael Keaton, and I enjoyed her small scene with Michael Gough as Selina and Bruce both conspire to have Alfred make excuses for their abrupt departures. I never quite understood the logic behind traumatized Selina returning to Shreck’s office, but I can’t fault the actress for that.

  23. “THANKS ALOT!” >:)

  24. Only Two All-Time Contenders for Best Catwoman Are Worth Noting:
    1. Julie Newmar
    2. Lee Merriwether

  25. Who are you? I love all the cat women but the first one to me is the best.

  26. Browsing Entertainment Earth ’cause I can’t sleep and based on this evidence alone, Anne Hathaway should be at least #5 on this list.


  28. agreed, PFEIFFER owned the Catwoman role.

  29. TY – I agree – Julie Newmar & Michelle Pfeiffer DEFINE the character on film, the rest are pretenders, even Eartha Kitt pales by comparison. Julie was delicious. Michelle IS Catwoman thru & thru, the ultimate catwoman with Julie’s sex appeal on steroids and the darkside as written. She’s amazing, topping her version is like 4 guys with guitars trying to top the Beatles. Won’t happen..

  30. ac_clayborn93

    Please please tell me where your friend got her Catwoman costume or how I can make my own.

    • I believe it was built over a period of months, working with leather makers and a costume designer. It wasn’t cheap, either.

  31. Julie Newmar # 3! Wake up. No one else could have worn that outfit. Even now, good luck finding a woman like Julie Newmar. She was just “one of a kind”.

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  34. Stumbled on this article late in the game, but I must say it’s funny that you theorize that Eartha Kitt must have been part feline in real life, yet don’t rank her at the top. Totally agree on Barbeau. And I don’t recall seeing Catwoman at all on the Super Friends series, but I well remember a very Kitt-like voicing of Wonder Woman’s arch enemy, Cheetah–a character who has NEVER been played in live action, but needs to be if/whenever a WW feature film finally gets under way. (I’m all for Reese Witherspoon in the role, as she recently played not-so-nice well in “Mud”.)

  35. Can’t fault your list at all. Wonder where Anne would feature now though…

  36. i still prever halle berry over the others i dont know why i just do

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  38. thanks really helped

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  40. Total rubbish. How can a cartoon and a really bad batman movie version of cat women be better than Julie Newmar. Who responsible for this. Hang them. Unbelievable

  41. Not to be pedantic but were you deliberately leaving out Nika Futterman ?

    “Mask of Matches Malone ” is a must-watch for fanboi…

  42. Not to be pedantic but were you deliberately leaving out Nika Futterman ?

    Seriously… <– if you have not seen this… you missed something. Hilarious nightclub number by Gail Simone.

    "Mask of Matches Malone " is a must-watch for fanboi…

  43. Michelle Pfeifer is the only really good catwoman on movies till now

  44. How about batwoman?/?

  45. dont forget Tori Black in the Batman xxx parody

  46. I am searching movie named catwoman(what I can recall from my memory) which I watched in year 1994 or 1995. I don’t know release date. What I can recall from my memory is that this catwoman in the first 20or30 minutes got interrogated in a room with big round table with many chairs by a police interrogator. While this catwoman was sitting on the chair the interrogator went behind her during interrogation and put his hand in her shirt pressing her breast and kisses her. whether they had Dec or not that I can’t recall. I am eager to find this movie for years but could not find it in Google or YouTube or torrent. In search I am getting batman returns1992 and catwoman VA batman. Can someone tell me the real name of the movie and the source of watching it online. I am exhausted by General search as if this movie doesn’t exist or ever made. But I had watched it that’s why I told how the movie starts.

  47. You left out the very 1st woman to play the role on the TV series, Batman, from the 60’s. Her name was not Julie Newmar, as many believe, but it was the very same girl who is sexing upthe silver screen in the cult favorite, “Forbidden Planet, as Alanara, Walter Pidgeon’s daughter, in love with Leslie Neilsen. Her name is Anne Francis, a large framed(over 6” tall), beautiful blonde film star who got into TV with that 1st role for just one episode, before JN replaced her. Most folks who weren’t around yet forgot about her doing this, but, I was, and remember her in that skintight costume that showed her curves to their best advantage. Most sources seem not to even know that she played this role long before the others you mentioned.

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