Valentine’s Day. A day for Spider-Man.

I drew these fifteen years ago for Marvel’s “Creative Services” department.  My first paid Spider-Man art.   I’ve had some good times with Spidey over the years, and even have some Spider-Man stuff coming out in the next month or so.   I’m never too far from the Web-head and it’s fun to consider where it started.

This was also the first time my wife and I ever worked together on something…I drew ’em, she coloured ’em, and we had a big stupid fight about it.  Now, fifteen years later, I ask her to colour everything I can, when she’s not overbooked with work (she’s one of the better colourists out there) and she learned not to smack me in the head when I act up. That’s Love.

To see more from the Spider-Man 90s Valentine’s collection, and to dig into my sordid, personal marriage business far more than you have a right to, click HERE.

Happy Love Bunnies Everyone.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Spider-Man Valentine Moment of the Day:


Aw, who dat cute widdle baby Spider-Man? You is. Dat's's YOU!

3 responses to “Valentine’s Day. A day for Spider-Man.

  1. Banning couches from the home helps, too.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. I have several former relationships I would gladly sacrifice to Mephisto, if he’s still buying.

  3. YOU are doing more Spider-Man?? WOOHOO!

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