What If Stan Lee Bun Toons! YAY!

Excelsior, True Believers!

Not that I’m suggesting that Stan Lee was the sole creator for any of these Marvel Characters…I’m just saying…

Nuff Said.  Face Front.  Have Faith.  We are the members of the Merrie Marvel Marching Society.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Stan Lee Moment of the Day:

I think this is a Paul Shaffer doll with a painted-on mustache.

Little known fact:  Stan Lee is the only comic creator to have his own action figure other than Ernie Bushmiller, creator of Nancy.


19 responses to “What If Stan Lee Bun Toons! YAY!

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  2. I get the feel in this new year so far that Bun Toons has grown in its strength. Good one, this weekend!


    Steven G. Willis

    • I genuinely appreciate that, Steven. I know you’ve read darn near all of ’em, so I’ll take your comment to heart.

  3. I really want to see an Ernie Bushmiller doll. Is he dressed like Sluggo?

    I thought the Beast was in that XMen panel, since he IS the “least mutated” member of the original team. “My hands and feet are…kinda large. But I’m really smart! Even though I drink an untested formula years later and turn myself hairy and blue.”

    • Yeah, I always wondered why Hank is considered a proper X-Man, as his oddly shaped body made him a completely possible character, and even his post-formula hairy form was equally possible (the hair was originally gray/brown). There are numerous examples of circus freak performers with these exact mutations in history. Whereas every other X-Man has magic powers. It makes the Beast the odd one out.

      • not sure if hank has other powers like strength, agility and supersmell. IF so it might fall into magic territory. Plus the hair is an unusual color not seen in mammals

  4. I suppose the $64,000 question, then, is…what would a Ty Templeton figure do? What would be his accessories?

    (By the way, I definitely dig this week’s Bun Toons.)

    • A Ty Templeton figure would draw or type for a while until the batteries run out. The owner soon discovers that the batteries can’t be replaced and the toy is left on a shelf for decades. Eventually it shows up on a Pawn Shop show, or one of those Junk Picker shows on the History Channel.

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    • We did see that link–and although it doesn’t make Ty all tingly-happy there is a little “SOURCE” at the bottom of the image and people have been clicking through to check out the site. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Wow, stupid WordPress put me down as Anonymous, although it linked to my website. I’m too tired for computers this morning…

  7. Well I did posted one of Ty’s toons a few months back with his name in the title and the entire thing was a basically a love letter to his work and website, and full of links, and he sent me an e-mail that said “thanks, but by posting my strip – instead of cutting out a single panel and requiring people come to my site to see the strip – you are STEALING my traffic.”

    I thought that was weird reasoning, also pretty much the nastiest first impression ever- I guess he’s changed his tune.

  8. Sorry if I made a bad first impression, (though I can’t imagine you’ve never come across nastier, I didn’t even mention Hitler or use salty language!). I’m genuinely sorry if I offended you, as I believe you were trying to be supportive of me and my work, and I hope this helps explain my position.

    I ask folks not to reprint my Bun Toon, but to simply link to it, because it DOES take some of my traffic away (that’s not even up for debate). And more importantly, it’s being presented in a context that removes the introduction, the moment of zen, links to others of my toons, and a bunch of sundry things that make for the bun toon experience I’m trying to create. In other words, it’s being edited and truncated on other people’s websites – not how I intended the work to be presented. And if a reprinting website gets a thousand or a hundred hits for the toon, only five per cent will press the link (if it’s there) and read it in the original form, after they’ve already read the comic strip section anyway. So that’s 95 percent readers that I didn’t get on my site, and it’s 100 percent people who didn’t read it in its contextual form the way I intended. Since it’s the product of my labour, and my art, why shouldn’t I want to determine how it’s seen and where? Would any artist be pleased to see their work edited and reprinted without permission? You wouldn’t, I promise you, and no artist breathing would.
    If you really were creating a love letter to my work (which I greatly appreciate) then please understand you’re not presenting my work, but a changed and edited form of it, often the only form your readers will see. If you love it, leave it the way it’s meant to be seen and tell people where it is.
    I hope that reasoning isn’t so weird….

    BTW: It wasn’t just you… I do still chase after most folks who reprint the entire strips, but some days its like trying to stop a burst dam. The Charlie Sheen and Stan Lee bun toons of late have been impossible to control, as they’ve been picked up by tons of other sites, so there’s a fatalistic surrender in these cases. My wife’s comment that I wasn’t all “tingly-happy” is her nice way of saying I was annoyed that thousands of people have read those bun toons in edited, incomplete forms, with the traffic going to their sites instead of mine.

    I love it when folks link. I love it when folks link. I love it when folks link. Not so fond when folks edit out of context and paste it into their blog to create traffic for themselves.

    Again, accept my apologies if I sounded harsh.

    Ty the Guy

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  10. The headline was “Ty Templeton features Batman vs. Gahndi” (or someone – I forget the toon). The piece was “Comics creator Ty Templeton (link) does these awesome strips culled Bun Toons on his Website (link). Here’s this one: (strip)

    via Ty Templeton (link).

    I don’t think it could possibly have been more IN context.

    So after the aforementioned e-mail I just decided you were not fond of having your strips reprinted in any format other than, as you specified, one panel, so when I see you on Bleeding Cool, TDW, Buzzfeed, and posting links back to them I think what the heck is this guy’s problem with me? I

    • I am genuinely sorry this has become a thing. I really don’t have any problem with you (and those links back to those other sites are something Keiren has been doing on the weekend, not me). That’s why you’re getting a feeling of a multiple personality disorder coming from ART LAND, as the LAST WEEK ON THE NET feature is something my wife does on Sundays.
      Again, please accept an apology, as I’d hate to think I’ve offended someone who was trying to help out…Keiren has convinced me to stop chasing after reprint sites, and to accept that it’s enthusiasm when folks do it, and not the lifting of my work. I’m from the world of Indy Publishing, and a bit of a control freak, but controlling the internet is like shoveling the ocean, so I have to give it up and accept it. (Believe it or not, the first time I sent a “please don’t reprint my strips” message WAS to Bleeding Cool a couple of months back, as well as one to SyFy’s home page, so I really was doing it to everyone back when you got the same message from me).
      Ty the Guy. Hoping we can still be friends, as I work out how to have a webcomic site.

  11. We cool, Ty, we cool. Thanks for that, and happy anniversary.

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