Baby Monkey Going Backwards on a Pig!

Family week continues, as we go from the sadness of the blog entry written by my son, to the joy of monkeys and pigs and my daughter.

It was my daughter Kate’s tenth birthday party last week.  She made the most profoundly wonderful statement a few days previous to the celebration and said that she couldn’t think of anything to ask for as a present, as she already had everything she wanted in the world. ( Of course, she scored pretty big on Christmas, a mere seven weeks before her birthday, with a new microphone, a guitar amp and pick-up for her acoustic, and a bunch of Taylor Swift CDs, so she’s got a point about having all the material stuff she wants in the world, she’s not THAT profound yet.)

She did have one suggestion for a present though.  A baby monkey riding backwards on a pig.  She asked for the monkey and pig a number of times.

This wasn’t a random suggestion on her part.  It’s  a video by Parry Grip on youtube that was hands-down, Kate’s favorite song last month.  She sang it a hundred times a day for a while.  If you’re willing to have this mind-bogglingly catchy tune infest your brain, click the video below:  (Be warned, it’s like a virus.)

There, that song is never going to leave you now.  It’s part of your DNA.  Your children will be born singing it.  But in the meantime, I found out how to get a present for the girl who has everything, and it only takes a lump of clay, a plastic fork (as my sculpting tool) and an hour or so the night before her birthday.

Get on that pig and hold on tight!

Ty the Dad Guy OUT!

Here now, your baby monkey on a pig moment of the day:


The SLIGHTLY toothless grin of a happy ten year old girl.


Tomorrow: I talk about Johnny Canuck (Northern Guard) #2 which is finally, actually OUT IN STORES!   And you get a preview of its beautiful art by David J. Cutler and KT Smith!

And later this week:  I get to show off a little project I just did with Roy Thomas that’s the most fun thing I’ve done all month (and I’m a married man).  Of course, it’s only March the 2nd, so there’s time to amend that list if my wife is watching…

Ty the Guy Again OUT!

2 responses to “Baby Monkey Going Backwards on a Pig!

  1. Cute daughter and wonderful idea and execution for the present. Now, the drapes: don’t let the set designers from Mad Men see them.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Aren’t those drapes amazing? My wife found the fabric and made the drapes, I believe because she was compelled by the gods. The daughter and the video are amazing too, just to make sure I spread the love…

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