Charlie Sheen Bun Toons, YAY!

You can't process Bun Toons with a normal brain!

I wrote this Bun Toons a few days ago.  Thank god Charlie hasn’t died yet, so it’s still funny.

He’s not just winning.  He’s BI-WINNING.  That’s straight from the man himself.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your drunken Galactus Moment of Zen:

Can you drink someone under the table if the table is three hundred feet high?

Oh, I can’t resist…here’s ANOTHER Drunken Galactus Moment:

And he's drinking EXCELSIOR!


12 responses to “Charlie Sheen Bun Toons, YAY!

  1. This may even be funnier than J. Scott Campbell’s tiger blood/ThunderCats image. He may be insane, but there’s no question that Charlie Sheen is now the king of memes.

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  3. Isn’t Galactus allergic to Tiger blood or something?

    Hmmm, I wonder how Mr. Sheen would do against Dr. Strange…


    Steven G. Willis

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