Wonder Woman: The mix of the traditional and the “New Look” doesn’t fit…

The New Wonder Woman costume is revealed!

Not terrible, but not magnificent either.  It’s not the cheap vinyl, or the odd new details (like the beating heart-stars of the torso-eagles(?)), it’ s just that it’s out of balance.  With all that light blue, the bottom half of the costume disappears.  In the new comics, her pants are dark, dark blue, which works, at least, even if it’s not the traditional look.

But I know a way they could fix it.

There. Was that so difficult?

Ty the Guy OUT!

10 responses to “Wonder Woman: The mix of the traditional and the “New Look” doesn’t fit…

  1. With you except for the stars

  2. Ah, so what if the stars mark WW as a symbol of American imperialism? This Canuck still sees it as all four color fun. And iffen you’re going to go back to a Golden Age character, you should try to keep SOME of the traditions intact, if simply for the recognition factor.

  3. It is odd that basically any change will have detractors. I too admit there are aspects I do not like. But, I think it is an improvement over what they had clad Lynda Carter in.


    Steven G. Willis

  4. Hilary Funderburk

    When I saw the photo I thought the same thing. Those boots need to be red so that they will stand out!

  5. The stuntwoman at least will appreciate the pants. I remember reading that the Buffy stuntwoman got all kinds of bruises because Buffy was always wearing skirts (while the Angel stuntman of course got none because he was wearing trenchcoats).

  6. For what it’s worth: one of the sites says there’s white stars down the outside seam of the pants…

  7. My first thought was that it looked like really enthusiastic cosplay to me, rather than TV wardrobe. In fairness, it’s hard to really evaluate in that photo, because we’re not seeing it properly lit as it will be on the screen, or how it looks in movement. Still, this isn’t the auspicious reveal that I think we all wanted it to be.

  8. Who knows? Maybe her costume will go through an evolution…the main thing is for the show to survive the season and not get on the chopping block (e.g. The Cape, No Ordinary Family).

  9. I like what you’ve done here Ty!
    For me the costume really doesn’t work. You’ve fixed the color scheme here but what about the tacky vinyl? Why do they make all movie heroes look like they shop at an S&M store? What’s wrong whit natural fabrics that breath or even fabrics that an athlete would were? And what about the space age gold on there?
    I suppose it could be a lot worse, but it definitely could be a lot better!

  10. As I said…not terrible, but not magnificent. This is the consensus online. A resounding “meh” from humanity. Which is UTTERLY not what you want with a roll-out like this.

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