Dinosaurs at the Bar Toons! Yay!

Paleolithic Laughs, Yo!

Today marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of Bun Toons.  One year, and still going strong…and that’s NATURAL strong, not steroid strong.  No cheating.  To celebrate this milestone, we travel in time, back to the first joke in history, which starts with:  “Two dinosaurs walk into a bar…”

It’s funny, because it’s scientifically true!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, the finest panel ever drawn in a comic book:

And they say Kirby couldn't write dialog...




2 responses to “Dinosaurs at the Bar Toons! Yay!

  1. Sorry to say, Ty, but it is great having you not feeling well: more toons from our fave-o source!


    Steven G. Willis

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