Another Well Known Comic Character Dies.

Sadly, long time comic book character, “Liz-Taylor-as-Cleopatra” has been killed off by the editors until further notice.  Technically, unless you see a body, there’s no official death with comic book folks, so we’ll only report her as “missing in action”.

Besides playing lover to the Fat Fury, Liz-as-Cleopatra dallied with Asterix and Obelix in an early adventure.  If Richard Burton knew about it, he never let on.  And, should you consider that this isn’t a Liz-Taylor-as-Cleopatra comic book appearance, check a contemporary movie poster for a certain hit movie that came out earlier that year.   It really is a very lovely nose.

I prefer it with Asterix in the background, actually.

I’m fairly sure that this Liz Taylor-as-Cleopatra comic book was printed in Spanish, and the title up there translates into “Mohair Celebrities“, though she’s not even wearing mohair in the drawing.  So that’s confusing.

Liz also used to appear as a recurring celebrity in the backgrounds of important parties in the Marvel Comics all through the Sixties without the Cleopatra gear.  I think she might have even attended a Marvel wedding or two, though I can’t remember which at the moment.

Though we lost the real-life actress this week (a tireless AIDS activist and a great broad all around), we’ll always have her comic book version to resurrect if we can ret-con her back into continuity with a secret doppelganger, a robot, or a time traveling transporter that whisked her away from danger at the blink of an eye.

Which is why comics are better.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Bonus Pointless Elizabeth Taylor /Ty  Templeton Connections:

When I was young and single, I dated an actress (with the unlikely name of Barbara Bush), whose film debut was opposite Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett in the film shown above.  I have no idea how quickly that connected me to Kevin Bacon, but I always felt Liz owed me at least a Christmas card.

ALSO:  I had to draw Liz-Taylor-as-Cleopatra for a Harvey Pekar comic story a couple of years ago…..

…proving once again, that Elizabeth-Taylor-as-Cleopatra is as likely to show up in a comic book as Doctor Doom.

10 responses to “Another Well Known Comic Character Dies.

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    The great Owen Fitzgerald did a series of stories about “Liz”–clearly based on Liz Taylor in her Father-of-the-Bride period–which ran as back-up stories in one or more of DCs teen titles – Bob Hope and perhaps Leave It To Binky, can’t recall offhand. Anyway, they’re among his best work. Was glad to see one turn up on Shane Glines’ Cartoon Retro, at


    Mr. Templeton, this has got to be one of the funniest you have yet to post.


    Steven Willis

  3. scott (the other one)

    Carole Burnett was in Trumpet of the Swan with Joe Mantegna, who was in Queens Logic with Kevin Bacon.

    So you’re four degrees away.

  4. Ty can actually get to Kevin Bacon pretty quickly…Ty was in Sea of Love with John Goodman (he was part of a subplot with Goodman, playing his son-in-law; it’s Ty’s character’s wedding that features in the movie) who was in some flick I don’t remember called Death Sentence which starred Bacon.

  5. Hey, Ty, is this the same Barbara Bush who’s probably best known for a role on the old soap opera “Another World”?

    She was hot!

    • Yup, that’s her. She’s known as Barbara Tyson nowadays (that’s her married name), but she had the odd distinction of being the first character ever to die of AIDS on American television with her role on AW. She was also the woman in the first televised condom commercials. Her ad, quite notorious at the time, started with Barb looking at the camera and saying “I like sex, but I’m not willing to die for it.” Barb got the part in “Between Friends” (which was actually called “Nobody Makes Me Cry” when it originally aired on HBO) by sitting at a bus stop in New York City when the producer drove by in a limo. stopped the car and said “Hey! Are you an actress? I’ve got a part for you…” She didn’t believe him, of course, but cautiously showed up to the address he gave her, and HOLY COW, it was a part opposite Liz Taylor. She was 17 at the time. It’s like a fairy tale story, except she doesn’t go on to become a household name…but a solid working actress. That’s probably enough reminiscing about someone I’m not married to (considering how much more wonderful my wife is…).
      Ty the Guy.

  6. ^^
    “Mujeres Célebres” means Celebrity Women. Mujer is “woman”, “mujeres” is “women”. 😉

  7. I actually did know that. As bad as my Spanish is, it’s not THAT bad. I was trying to make a funny.

  8. I actually did imagine that, Ty. I did can’t help myself.

  9. She’s on the cover of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali, too, but she’s wearing a Jimmy Carter mask.

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