Rob Granito Comic Fraud Funnies! YAY!

Sue me! Sue me! Please sue me!

Sorry internet, I couldn’t resist.

Ah.ย  It’s funny because he’s a dick.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Rob Granito moment of dickery:

This is a print rob offers for sale at his convention booth.


Here's the page from Batman and Robin Adventures #1 that Rob traced part of, and claimed was his work.

For those who’ve never heard of this fecal jackass, here’s a link to more about him…


35 responses to “Rob Granito Comic Fraud Funnies! YAY!

  1. Awesome job Ty! ๐Ÿ™‚ I made the Unemployed Skeletor video making fun of Rob. I reeeeally hope he’s at Chiller Theater next month so I can conduct an interview with him….unless his bodyguard shoots me.

  2. I LOVED Unemployed Skeletor. Nice to share the vitriol.

  3. I would call it unbelieveable but I bet there are far more artists being Granitoed then we realise.
    Some egos are filled by praise regardless of the source or proper attribution.

  4. I guess if he took the time to trace it, he might consider it his own work, right?

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  6. Harsh, and very funny.


    Steven Willis


    However, I can’t help but think that Rob Granito wouldn’t even be beyond stealing someone else’s shit, applying a couple smudges of paint, and then shoving it down his pants.

  8. Well hey, c’mon. He added the rest of the chin. THAT part is TOTES legitomite!

    …An if you say otherweis, Il’l make sure my freind Jay Didillo never lest you werk agan!

    • Actually, the chin is swiped from a drawing on the next page, only it’s a drawing of an ass. He merged them in photoshop.

  9. A drawing of an ass?

    Did he turn it into a self-portrait?

  10. Here’s the $64,000 question: Why try plagiarism in the world of comic books? Why not film or television, where no one really expects originality?

  11. Um, as a film and television guy, I have to say originality is valued in TV. Sometimes even by the people who fund the stuff!

    I can’t help but think something is truly wrong with Granito. Like a serious emotional issue. Doesn’t make me think he doesn’t deserve to have his house of cards crash down but something ain’t right upstairs.

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  13. I heard about this guy just yesterday, so I had to go look at his bio. He’s working on Calvin and Hobbes? Like I was when I painted a couple of shirts for friends in the eighties? I need botox after the facial muscles I misused when I read that!
    A lovely strip, btw. Poop gags are always welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. It looks like I am still signed in to WordPress as Holmes Inc. The previosu comment does not represent Holmes Inc. but rather Rob Pincombe.

  15. BRILLIANT, TY! Simply brilliant. I laughed. I cried. I peed. I laughed some more.

  16. “Fecal jackass” had me laughing my a** off.

    Be sure to let whoever is providing security there (Police or sheriff’s dept) to have the bodyguard looked at. If he’s carrying, I will bet he’s not licensed. Both of them are a hazard, I hope they receive their just desserts.

  17. Bravo, Ty. Absolutely brilliant.

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  19. Great job as always, Ty. I just wanted to share with you the fact that Granito is pretending to be not Granito in other blogs, like mine.

    It’s probably just a matter of time before he gets to you, just a heads up.

    • I read that exchange earlier today. Creepy…especially that lawyer letter that started it up. Just weird to hear from him like that. And he’s starting to plead like a cornered animal. It’s been an amazing ride, one of the strangest in comics. Some of those paint-on-my-face but not the canvas images are so funny it hurts, but these recent pleas to be left alone to get back to work suggest an genuinely unbalanced mind. I think it’s more than not being bright, he might be an actually delusional sociopath. I don’t mean a violent one, but one who is incapable of understanding right from wrong.

  20. Ty, I think you’ve nailed it–the “posing as an illiterate lawyer” routine is just bizarre. It doesn’t speak well for his state of mind.

  21. Posing as all of these random personas – the latest of which is a guy named “Gabe Carey,” who just so happens to have the same writing style as Granito – is really, really freaky.

    There’s some talk going around that the people posing as various personas isn’t him, but rather people from his camp. I just can’t buy the school of thought that a whole bunch of them would keep doing this, though. Surely someone he’s close to actually would tell him he’s wrong and he should man up.

  22. Someone posted an artwork that he probably really did. It was supposedly a drawing of She-Hulk for an Iron-Man 2 card. I’m an amateur artist, and I’m no where near the point where I could go pro, and I wouldn’t admit to this being my work:

    • Yeah, I’ve seen that. There’s a few “legitomite” Granito drawings out there from a few years ago, before he started on the grift, and they are, without exception, quite bad. I teach anatomy and comic drawing at a school in Toronto, and I wouldn’t let anyone out of my class with that little skill. The “Harley” Con sketch he actually did while sitting in front of a fan, is perhaps the worst of the lot…

      • What gets to me, is that I have been accused of tracing on something I didn’t trace and in a situation where the artist I was accused of tracing was also an amateur artist, and it was a drawing she had done for me that I was accused of tracing. This was back on the now defunct Fred Perry Fan Club boards, and their was some real anger behind the accusations, probably because of people like this guy.

  23. Just an update folks… his web site appears to be down.

  24. Halloween Jack

    For some reason, this passed under my radar until today. The amount of self-deception that this guy practices is just staggering–he certainly wasn’t fooling anyone else.

  25. The third panel (of Joker prancing) seems to be swipe from Will Elder.
    Granito seems to me to be a probably mentally retarded and/or mentally disturbed person in need of medical treatment and not abuse.

    • I’m bothered that you would assume that plagiarism/intentionally ripping off the work of artists would be indicative of mental disability, or even mental health issues. Unless you are privy to information that others are not, you have no basis for this assumption. I think his wife, children and friends would be equally disturbed by your assumptions… Absolutely no one involved with him–friend or foe–has ever suggested that he has mental difficulties–only ethical ones.

      He did all this because he couldn’t get work with his own “talent”. He began copying others, and sold some pieces to friends. He then began to do this on a larger scale at conventions. He assumed that he could get away with it–because he did get away with it for a very long time. And he made quite a lot of money doing so which is why he was so very upset when he realised he could not continue to do so (several onlookers were estimating that he was making thousands of dollars each convention–certainly more than almost all the artists in the room). When he stopped getting away with it, he started trying to justify it, including verbally attacking other artists and equating their work with his.

      When people read about a mugging they don’t assume the mugger is mentally ill. When you read about a car thief, odds are you do not assume he is mentally disabled. A lot of artists got angry to discover that someone stole their intellectual property, passed it off as his, and made money off of this–if someone stole your wallet you’d be angry. Anger is an appropriate response.

  26. Except, of course, it’s NOT a swipe from Will Elder. It’s a staple pose that has been used for decades. If you think it’s a swipe from Will Elder, you may want to actually, you know, *prove* that.

    Also, way to make a judgment on the way people reacted to a situation as it was happening five months later.

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