LAST WEEK on the ‘net

monday march 21

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con 2011 Report from The Crooked Little World

Mfdhwen Lhbufks # 389 from Super I.T.C.H.

Epilogue:  THE BEST OF 2011(Part 8 of 7) from ComicCritique.BLOG

tuesday march 21

22.MAR.2011 THE C-LIST: TEDIOUS? COMICS? from Sequential

Wonder Woman from Greg

wednesday march 23

Secret Origins:  Super-Turtle! from Epic Randomness:  the blog

Kad ne radi mozak … from

thursday march 24

Rainbow Raider from DC Who’s Who


friday march 25

Amazing Spider man 657 preview [sic] from Plati’s Blog

Amazing Spider-Man 657 from Comic Book Resources/Comic Book Preview

It’s All Geek To Me–What Not To Wear:  Amazon Edition from 30 Ninjas

saturday march 26

26.MAR.2011 Rob Granito from Sequential/Canadian comix news and culture

Saturday Trending Topics:  Rob and NonRob from Bleeding Cool

Comics Links: Rob Granito and Scott Adams, not getting the smilies. UPDATED 7:11 PM from Colleen Doran’s A Distant Soil

sunday march 27

Rob Granito Funnies from The Comics Reporter

Artist React To Rob Granito In The Only Way They Can from Bleeding Cool

Thoughts on Rob Granito: Why the Gift of Gab Is Mightier Than the Grift of Grab from Hasslein Books

The Northern Guard #1 from Comics Forge

Sunday Trending Topics: Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, And Empowered from Bleeding Cool

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