I know I shouldn’t Granito…but…

My friend, Eden Bachelder sent me this delightful image by email last night, and it so cracked me up, I just had to share.

She chose my favorite Rob Granito “look-I-can-prove-I-painted-that” image as her basis for my portrait, too.  This is the one with paint smudges all over his face, but not on his hands (or the brush, for that matter), and the collection of children’s poster paints to the side, the brand of choice for pro illustrators everywhere.

I know the ROB GRANITO scandal is over, and I know I shouldn’t have brought it up again…but…the way Eden incorporated the look on my face as I glare back at Rob for his naughty shenanigans, it’s like a Norman Rockwell treasure.

We’ll consider this my April Fool’s Day Joke, I just couldn’t wait.

Ty the Guy

Just so you know, Eden’s does some delightful “legitomite” artwork when not creating insider meta jokes for your entertainment, and you should check out her website at http://www.edenbachelder.com/


6 responses to “I know I shouldn’t Granito…but…

  1. Stirring the pot, I see…


    Steven Willis

  2. Aw, golly! Glad you got a a kick out of it, and thanks very much for the shout-out! 😀

  3. LOL! Ty, that is brilliant.

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  5. I like to think Rob is actually so clueless that he thinks paint is supposed to go on his face

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