If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

Just as things were going swimingly, too.

I’m typing this on my wife’s laptop with one hand from an emergency room, where I’m waiting on X-rays to come back and see if I have, in fact, broken my wrist.  As regular readers of this blog know, I’ve been doing some Spider-Man work with Dan Slott lately, both the recent “Death of Johnny Storm” issue of Amazing (#657) …

Out in stores this week...

and the “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark” miniseries, that’s due to hit stores in a month (still beating the official opening for the theater show by two weeks!)

…and stupid me falls down a flight of cement stairs on the way into the FedEx center to drop off the latest batch of pages last night.  I can’t even blame snow or ice on my slipping, as we’ve been having a lovely March up here in Canada, and now that it’s over, it’s even nicer.

I’ve broken my thumb once before (back when I was a Superman inker), and was able to keep working by taping the brushes to my cast, but immobilizing my wrist may prove too difficult to do…so if it’s ACTUALLY broken, I may not be able to finish the last issue of STOTD on time, which would PISS ME OFF no end.   It’s been a frantic morning as boss-man Wacker has called more than my mom today…I’ll keep you guys updated, but I’m hoping desperately I get to finish this up.  I’m down to the last EIGHT DAMN PAGES, but they’re due in two weeks, so…who knows.

I was having a good week, too.

Ty the possibly broken Guy.

UPDATE:  It turns out that the wrist was perfectly fine, and that there is no Spider-Man musical comic book, and I’m not working on one if there is, and that you should never believe what you read on April 1st.  Ain’t I a stinker?

15 responses to “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

  1. Oh no! I hope you’re not hurt at all, and this is an April 1 “Curse of the Spider-Musical” gag. Failing that, I hope it’s not a break, and I will keep my fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

  2. This doesn’t read like a gag. You usually drop hints.

    So I hope it’s not too bad a bust my friend.

  3. Seriously, hope you’re alright. Also glad to see I’m not the only one who sort of cringed when I heard “Spider-Man musical”, no offense.

  4. On the plus side, this is the perfect opportunity for scientists to install a White Sound Generator. Let’s see editors complain about late submissions while staring down the barrel of THAT bad boy!

  5. Of course, you’re only gonna have to re-do it once they re-write the musical anyway, so you might as well heal up.

  6. Sorry to hear about your injury. Falling down a set of stairs could happen to anybody, but few of us could cause so much disppointment to so many if they were unable to draw for a while. Speedy recovery S.V.P.

  7. I call FAKE.

  8. That Broadway production’s curse knows no boundaries, does it?! Best of luck with your recovery (unless, of course, this is a prank in which case, best of luck snowing as many readers as possible).

  9. Can not be related to karma and the last post, eh?

    If not related to the date of the posting, I do really wish you well.


    Steven Willis

  10. To avenge Ty’s injury, I declared a one-man war against cement stairs. As it turns out, the damn things are neither cowardly nor superstitious. And punching them hurts like hell.

    Then I come back here, hoping to find an update about Ty’s wrist, and I take a closer look at the article tags. Now I’m sad for three reasons:
    1. my knuckles hurt
    2. that bastard Ty tricked me
    3. I would actually buy a STOTD comic, even at risk of being concussed in a freak accident

    • You should have consulted with Kellam–years and years and years ago (when he was but a boy…) he wanted to show his friends how much he hated school: so he punched the building. He lost.

      Six weeks in a cast for that demonstration!

  11. Damn Son!

    Take it easy over there!

    Sorry to hear the bad news Ty, lets hope it AINT broken…every artist’s worst nightmare…

  12. Really sorry to hear this…..hope you make a quick-as-possible and COMPLETE recovery!

  13. Ha ha! Gawd, you almost got me! It was too much irony for an April 1st.

    • I always pity the people that really get shot in their backside, fall into toilets, and are kicked by elephants on April Fool’s Day. They probably NEVER get the correct amount of pity/concern. Ironic injury is best reserved for August, or June.

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