Booster Gold! Booster Gold! Booster Gold!

I know I’m supposed to get all excited about the Thor movie, and the Green Lantern movie, and the Herbie the Fat Fury movie, like everyone says I’m supposed to, but my reactions so far have been “meh”.

But when I saw these pictures of Eric Martsolf as Dan Jurgen’s excellent character, Booster Gold from the upcoming episode of Smallville (April 22), I couldn’t help myself – I started grinning from ear to ear.

It’s not just that they get it so, so right– the actor is perfect, the costume is perfect, the sponsor patches, the goggles, the whole thing….it’s that this is a fairly obscure little character from the DC files that you just don’t expect to ever see adapted as a live action version.  That makes it a joyful surprise, instead of just another example the cynical Hollywood money spigot at work.

For those who don’t know, Booster Gold has a permanent place in my heart, and I never get too far away from him (such as the convention sketch from last year, above).  Inking some issues of Dan Jurgen’s original Booster Gold series was my first DC gig, and Booster was one of the main characters on my penciling run of JLA a few years after that.   I’ve written him into stories for no reason other than I felt like it, drawn him in animated covers, and even did art for a Booster Gold Role Playing Game thing back when people still played these…


Cover by Jurgens and Templeton. Booster Gold obscura!

So it’s probably that combination of pleasant surprise and personal connection to the character, but I’m a giddy child waiting for this show to air – on the 22nd of this month!  I’ll let you know what I think of it after I see it!  Look at all the exclamation points!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Booster Gold Bonus moment…try not to feel too icky.

The image comes from but the page this comes from is fairly NSFW, so careful websurfers!

8 responses to “Booster Gold! Booster Gold! Booster Gold!

  1. He does look awesome. I wish this was a movie instead of an episode of Smallville. 😦

  2. No Skeets in the Smallville Universe? Or in the PortalComic universe, for that matter? Skeets wants a miniskirt!

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  4. Yeah…I wish there was a Skeets, but that would have cost money. Still, there’s so much to love with what we got!

  5. Little disappointed to see the Blue Beetle isn’t Ted.

  6. Yeah…but I can get behind the new Blue Beetle for a couple of reasons. 1) Ted Kord wasn’t the original either, and he’s a generational legacy character at this point. 2) The new Beetle is Hispanic, and I’m all about the diversity. 3) The new costume is way-cool, frankly. It ain’t perfect in the photos I saw, but for the budget and audience of Smallville, it’s not bad.
    I’m still all pink and tickled that the kings of Bwah-hah-hah are making it to TV in ANY form.
    Speaking of Bwah-hah-hah, I hope I get another chance to work on another Booster Gold project in the very near future. I sure do hope it….(I’m terrible at being subtle.)
    Ty the Guy

  7. Love the post (I’m also a Boosterholic), and I’m very intrigued by that last comment, Ty 😀

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