Rob Granito tries to lie his way into money…AGAIN!

I know I said I wouldn’t go back to this garbage heap another time…but he tasks me…. He tasks me… and I shall have him! I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round Perdition’s flames before I give him up!

By now we all know the piece of human litter who stuck to our collective shoe last month:  Rob Granito: thief, impostor, pathological liar.

Pictured, the work of John Delaney, Tim Sale, and Rob Granitos parents.

Wait until you read this email that was sent around to a number of Comics blogs (Duy Tano of The Comics Cube alerted us on Facebook)  last night from Granito…your jaw will unhinge.  (Oh, and I’m mentioned by name!  I’m famous!  I’m famous!)

Dear Comics News, Blogs, and Journalists:

March 2011 was a month that the comics industry, and comics fandom, was not expecting! A month where suddenly comics websites became ‘TMZ-like’, and scandal and tabloid excitement erupted. This was due to the controversial Rob Granito.

We ask you to consider looking past personal feelings and judgement to consider the following:

-A Facebook Group about Robert Granito had over  3,000 members in less than a week

-Websites such as comicsalliance, Wired, and many others made Rob Granito a major headline

-An entire convention panel is due to Rob Granito, called ‘How Should An Artist React To Being Granito’d’?

So, regardless of personal judgement you must admit that Rob Granito creates controversy- and controversy attracts attention. Rob Granito gets attention. Rob Granito gets people talking.

The Blog owner at All Things Geeky even explained how he had thousands of visitors to his site when he had never experienced that before. Rob Granito has gotten more attention and caused more talking amongst his detractors and his fans than any other comics professional!

Now is YOUR chance to take advantage of this red-hot story. As Charlie Sheen has proven in the mainstream media, controversy sells. It has been proven, and suggested by the convention fans blog that Rob Granito is the Charlie Sheen of Comics. And just like Charlie Sheen caused MAJOR headlines with his controversial 20/20 interview, now YOU can get Rob Granito to sit for an interview for your site or blog!

Rob Granito will live up to his image as the bad boy of comics, who admits he has made some mistakes (but who hasn’t?) but also points out that comics fandom at large does not know the WHOLE story. Find out how Rob Granito began as an artist. Discover what his experience was with the legendary Dave Stevens. Find out what REALLY went down with Mark Waid. Learn how Rob feels about the comics professionals who have derided his name in the past few weeks like Ty Templeton Jamar Igle, Al Rio, and more!

We assure you Rob Granito will live up to his interview commitments. We guarantee candid, explanatory revelations. Rob Granito proved he shook up the world in March 2011! Now watch him light up the Spring comics schedule. “I will keep going to conventions”, he says. Also, why did BleedingCool decide to break the Rob Granito story out of nowhere? Why was it pursued with such a fever? “There is more there that you dont know about”, says Rob.

ALL WEBSITES:  the following is a list of Rob’ interview fees

-e-mail interview (20 questions ONLY)   $150.00   PayPal
-30 minute phone interview   $200.00  PayPal
-1 Hour Phone or Skype interview   $250.00 PayPal

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you.
Alison c/o
Robert Granito Art Services


Forget asking for money to do interviews, or claiming that Rob’s internet aliases and sock puppets are “fans” –  forget not mentioning the  facebook page with so many members is called “Rob Granito is a Fraud” – forget all that – he repeatedly offers guarantees of being candid and living up to commitments and talking about what really happened.  THAT’s what I love most.  These wacky kids’ only notoriety comes from being proven liars and frauds, but this time, when there’s money involved…this time they’ll tell the truth.

By far, the best photograph. The one where dumbass smears paint on the face, but not on the hands!

Two quick last notes:

1)If you’d like to know how Rob really feels about the way Al Rio,” Jamar Igle” and myself are treating him online, I’ll save you the hundred bucks.  He doesn’t like it, and he thinks we’re big bullies.

2)  The primary reason I posted this blog is because of something emailed to Duy Tano’s COMICS CUBE website last night.

“Please don’t do another newsstory or headline about Rob Granito on your website then without consulting us.”

In light of Granito’s heartfelt plea to not do another headline about the Granito family shame unless we consult with them first, I feel it’s my duty to post another headline about Rob Granito without consulting them.

He can go to hell.

Ty the Guy.

111 responses to “Rob Granito tries to lie his way into money…AGAIN!

  1. Holy hell. Apparently, Ali Granito is as big a thieving, lying scumbag as her husband. At least she’s not as illiterate as he is. Charging for interviews… comparing her husband to Charlie Sheen (which fans did NOT do–he did, under aliases)… repeating the claim that he worked with Dave Stevens… ugh. This woman has NO morals, and I weep for the kids being brought up by these two despicable, useless human beings.

  2. Over 9000 internets for you, sir! You are now my hero! If we ever meet, you are getting the best damned home cooked meal I can muster, mister!

  3. I honestly think someone should call Child Protective Services and get the kids removed from that home. The Granitos are both criminals, which means they have the potential to do a LOT of damage to their kids by instilling in them a complete lack of morals. Rob Granito is a lying, thieving scumbag. Alison Granito is a lying, thieving scumbag. But the kids are, at this point, still innocent.

  4. As the child of at least one criminal (that I know of) I feel for the kids. Having sucky parents sucks. And parents who make money from crime are probably not going to have a lot of respect for interpersonal ethics, which will be shitty for their young ones. I’m not sure this qualifies as a CPS case, but hopefully the kids have someone in their lives who will provide them with an alternate moral compass.

  5. Very, very, very well said, Ty.

    The other possibility is that Rob is masquerading as “not his wife” to clear his own name (their writing styles are very similar; it’s just that one knows how to spell and punctuate a little more), which would make him even more reprehensible.

  6. Such humility. Granito’s wife puts Sarah Palin to shame! Talk about whoring out your spouse for financial gain. If this crap keeps up, Waid and Van Sciver will draw and quarter the guy next time their paths cross.

    I’m still in awe of this couple’s ineptitude. Charlie Sheen as a business model? Really?

    Dear Freaking Lord…

  7. Paul the Curmudgeon

    The Charlie Sheen of comics? Surely better comparisons spring to mind. The Bernie Madoff of comics; the Hans van Meegeren of comics…..

  8. Ethan Van Sciver

    How come he doesn’t want to make it clear what happened between he and I during Megacon? Or how he feels about how I’m treating him?

  9. And here I thought this story couldn’t get any more WTF…

    At some point this goes beyond mere criminal activity and degrades into delusion and mental illness.

  10. She misspelled judgment.

    Oh, and she’s a scumbag like her old man.

  11. Now now, judgment/judgement is accepted both ways (though the latter looks weird to me).

    Ethan: Because you might tell his bodyguard to sit down again.

  12. Shameful that controversy is profitable in our world. We should consider how this can be corrected.


    Steven Willis

  13. This might be naive coming from me, but in my mind, if you think a wrong has been done to you, and you’re being “fed to the media”, and you want to offer your side of the story, and promise to clarify whatever wrong has been done to you… do you really want to charge for it? I believe that speaks VOLUMES about the kind of people they are.

    And that photo, with the paint on his face…

  14. This entire Granito affair is akin to picking away at a scab: just as it looks like the wound is healed, the scab is picked away and, hey presto! The wound is opened up again.

    The Granitos just don’t get it, do they? Rob’s ‘name’ is ruined. He is the laughing stock of the entire comic industry and stuff like this just makes him (and now his wife) seem all the more pathetic and desperate. They deserve every single bit of ire and ridicule that comes their way.

  15. Hi Ty,
    First let me say, I’ve been a fan of yours since Stig’s Inferno and Justice League International. Second, I of course agree with every point you’ve made about Rob and Ali Bandito… I mean Granito. The part that pissed me off is the twit’s had the gaul to call me out and couldn’t even bother to SPELL MY NAME RIGHT? How hard is it to google “Jamal Igle”? Even if they just put “J Igle” in the search engine only two people show up, me and my cousin Jerome Igle , a former college football player.

  16. Awesome dude. Just. Pure. Awesome.
    I’m still kinda in awe about this guy. But this explains it. He just went around blatantly BS’ing his way into headlines so now he can charge for the new ‘revelations’ to his schemery.

    Just when I was thinking that some guys are too stupid to be true… this happens.

  17. J. Sean Collins

    I don’t speak out about thing in the industry too much and you know I would find this entertaining if it wasn’t for the fact that this guy continues to try and make a living off of stating he worked with folks that are gone and can’t state otherwise.

    As to the comment of him being the Charlie Sheen of comics… I make one very big point here, there is a big difference between this hack and Charlie Sheen, yea Charlie Sheen is a media magnet at the moment over the oddness and all but I find it odd that he is comparing himself (or at least wife is) to an accomplished actor who happens to be suffer from addiction appose to himself who is a no talent hack that has to ink a living on the backs of others more talented than him.

    If this guy had an shred of common sense he should have bowed out and left the comics industry after being confronted by Ethan & Mark but of course his kind rarely have common sense much less the knowledge to use it.

    When you get down to it, it really is sad.

  18. “The Charlie Sheen of comics”? What? Regardless of what anyone thinks of Charlie Sheen, the guy has legitimate – or legit-o-mite!, if you prefer – talent. He didn’t earn his living by ripping off other performers. Even Stephen Ambrose wrote some of his own stuff. And honestly, the guy would have to actually work on comics to be the anyone “of comics.”

  19. I want to pay him with monopoly money and see what happens.

  20. If Rob considers himself a “studio,” maybe he should be reported to places like the Graphic Artists Guild or the Better Business Bureau. If scamming people is the prime way he makes his money, he may be getting benefits through a local artist guild. I’m sure they’d be very interested in his schemes (idiotic through they are.)

  21. A 1000 words of Op-Ed, an email letter and picture of the wife and the kids?
    Really? Run the letter, reference the other news stories, maybe even post a picture of his wife, but was the one showing they had kids needed? A fraud is a fraud but your blogs are starting to become borderline incitement of violence.

    One thing his wife is right about Controversy equals Cash, something I think you’ve figured out too or you wouldn’t even be giving this story that much oxygen. Also here is a Journalist tip, watch your words in this blog unless proven in a court of law your comments about his wife are potentially libelous.

  22. I’m…I’m almost embarrassed for them. Almost. So deep in this world of lies of theirs…just. Not. Getting. It.

    Ty, you’re my new hero. =D

  23. Also, I think the “hot news of a scandal” celebrity comparison Alison is looking for is Lindsay Lohan. Or Paris Hilton. Paints a better picture.

  24. Well, unfortunately for Mrs. G she can’t demand that people refrain from posting stories about Mr. G. He’s put himself out there as a public personality the moment he tried to claim that he was a legitomite artist and that makes him fair game in the eyes of the law. They have no legal recourse.

    Personally, I hope people keep posting negative stories about him. He deserves the negative attention. But he doesn’t deserve to earn a dime on that attention, so I hope no one takes her up on her proposal (I don’t see why anyone would).

    There are a couple other ways I can think of that he probably could make money off his new found notoriety. Luckily, Mr. and Mrs. G don’t seem to be that clever.

  25. I’d like to trace a hundred dollar bill and a fifty, color them in Photoshop and send it along to see what happens.

  26. A real journalist would jump at this chance. Tons of people would visit a site to read that interview, even if it’s full of lies. They’re right about Charlie Sheen. People don’t tune in to hear him make sense. The Granitos understand how the American media works and are smart and shameless enough to try to cash in on it. Hey people with tiny news websites, now is your chance to be thrust into the spotlight for two days. Continue your dog pile, Internet.

  27. Nick Davis wrote:

    “Run the letter, reference the other news stories, maybe even post a picture of his wife, but was the one showing they had kids needed? A fraud is a fraud but your blogs are starting to become borderline incitement of violence.”

    1. they’re not her kids
    2. no information was disclosed about whether or not the Granitos have children
    3. the identity of the kids is concealed
    4. the un-pixelated photo is publicly available on the web, so no information of any kind was revealed by its inclusion on this blog
    5. your accusation of incitement to commit violence is bizarre and perverse, but serious
    6. your “journalistic tip”/warning about libel is stupid and weird, in light of the fact that you are incorrectly accusing the author of this blog of criminal behavior

    • @R.L.Klarer
      “1. they’re not her kids”
      Then the larger picture even featuring them wasn’t needed in this piece at all. Just the close up of her face, which again wasn’t really needed either.

      “2. no information was disclosed about whether or not the Granitos have children”
      It is presumed.

      “3. the identity of the kids is concealed”
      Should not of featured them at all.

      “4. the un-pixelated photo is publicly available on the web, so no information of any kind was revealed by its inclusion on this blog”
      Again no need to feature the entire picture, by saying this you have people out looking for it now.

      “5. your accusation of incitement to commit violence is bizarre and perverse, but serious”
      I’ve followed the Granito stuff since its exploded, yes uncover this fraud, buy any violence threatened to them should be condemned straight away. This Op-Ed piece was just another incitement to hate someone who frankly isn’t worth it. See Bleeding Cool news on how to report this just using facts, not speculation.

      “6. your “journalistic tip”/warning about libel is stupid and weird, in light of the fact that you are incorrectly accusing the author of this blog of criminal behavior”
      Are you sure? The person who issued that email didn’t do anything wrong in issuing it. Misguided, but no law was broken fielding interview fee’s over a controversial figure. Happens all the time in the media.

      All I am saying which is missed here is everyone continually take a breath, and let the artists who’s work take action through the courts. All that this poster can do is raise awareness with convention organizers. Right now it all feels like an exercise in SEO, not in raising braying mobs to hunt down a copy-artist.

      • 1) The larger picture was necessary in order to show that she was publicly bandying around her husband’s fraudulent art.

        2) Presumed by whom? There are five kids in there and Rob is 35. I wouldn’t presume that they had five kids.

        3) It’s “should not have,” not “should not of.”

        4) Really? Who? I’m not doing it. Are you doing it?

        5) Incitement to hate someone? Ty Templeton is an artist who was personally ripped off by Rob Granito, not just in his artwork but in terms of his credentials. He has EVERY reason to take this personally.

        6) And saying that the content of the email is reprehensible, disgusting, and shameless is completely within any and all legal boundaries.

        Yes, it doesn’t feel like an exercise in raising braying mobs to hunt down a copy artist. You do know that Ty himself was swiped, yes?

        • No need for any pictures featuring minors pixelated or not, if the picture can be found on the net then its been made even easier to find.

          If it is to keep a record of stolen work then a closer cropped picture kept private and released to the effected artists would of been more appropriate. If Ty has been swiped then he should pursue legal action. If not everything that can be done has been done now, and oxygen for this story should be cut off now.

          By the way I’m nothing to do with Rob, just an outside observer of this story and feel beyond keeping a watch it is done.

          • But don’t have an opinion that is not the general consensus of the rest of the gallery, eh? If feedback, and therefore differing opinion wasn’t wanted there would not be a leave a comment section on this post. My feeling on this post is clear, its an Op-Ed piece, I don’t like the picture with the minors in it or the name calling.

            • Hey Nick.

              I’m fine with your comments, and I’m delighted to hear from you. Everyone has a different opinion on the subject, and criticism keeps me honest. Who doesn’t benefit from someone asking them to stop and think about what they’re doing? So you’re good with me, brother, no worries.
              I think you’ll note that I didn’t engage in much name calling this time out…I called them dishonest, frauds, thieves, and liars (and wacky, but that’s fairly benign) and nothing else. That’s not really name calling as each and every one of those comments is provably true. Yup, I’ve called them some very rude words on Duy’s blog (which I actually apologized for a half hour later, as I thought it was gender based insults, instead of character based ones, which was crossing a line for me, and it was ’cause I was angry), but here’s the difference between your connection to this story and mine: These guys stole money from my pocket, and personally and directly insulted me and my career while doing it. I’ve been fairly restrained in light of that.
              I messaged Rob privately a couple of times at the very start of this (when his facebook page was still up) , and told him in no uncertain terms to go away, to stay under a rock, or the next time he stuck his head out, I would stomp it like an insect. They could have stayed quiet, and it would have all blown over on my part, but they chose this tactic of vulture picking at my hero Dave Stevens’ grave, and name-checking me in their Press Release asking for money. So I spent a grand total of fifteen minutes putting up this blog post and bug crushing them as promised. I haven’t released any information about Ali’s place of business (though I know the name and address), and on my facebook page, I have asked people to leave their friends, neighbours and employers alone and to keep any minors completely shielded from this (that’s why the kids in the photo are pixilated heavily. And no, none of those kids are Rob’s and Ali’s, they’re all the wrong ages. I can’t control what you assumed, can I?). My primary actions throughout this have been to publicly shame the man (and now his wife) and to make sure art directors at Marvel and DC were informed of this as soon as I knew about his actions so that he would be black-listed in the biz. Personally suing Granito is a waste of my time, as it will cost me more than I would recoup, so I’m going with public shaming and well aimed ridicule.
              But let’s toss the ball in your court…let’s imagine someone pushes you down, takes your wallet, calls you an asshole and pees on your leg as he’s leaving…tell me how restrained you’re going to be when he comes out later and asks someone to pay him to tell everyone how much fun it was to mug you….Walk that mile in my shoes, and then get back to me. I get that you don’t want to see an actual, real-world lynching going on, and I don’t either, at least not one that would maim or injure him…but this is my lawn he’s shitting on, and I get to spray him with a hose when I want to, which is really all I’ve done.
              And as I said in the Op-Ed post, I STILL wouldn’t have brought this to my blog if Mrs. Granito hadn’t SPECIFICALLY asked that no one write about her husband again without her permission. You simply have to spit back at that one.
              Laughing at Granito is fun! Lighten up. I’m bringing the world smiles!
              Ty the Guy

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  29. If he wanted to stop all of the bad press he could simply do an easyyyy time lapse video showing he has any talent, but instead he is just going to continue stealing.

    It’s news like this that worries indy creators like myself.

    I’m just a guy with a normal day job, hiring people with any extra OT I can pick up to do art for my comics.

    The fear of hiring somebody that is just a Granito is terrifying.

    -Chris Garrett

  30. Granito just needs to get a job… FAR from comics or art in general. Perhaps his local Kinko’s is hiring, that way he’d be legit in making “copies”.

    • That won’t work. Ki– excuse me, FedEx Office employees get entire day-long seminars on copyright infringement and how NOT to do it.

      Come to think of it, maybe he *should* go work for them…

  31. Her eyes, her frightening eyes…

  32. Jeese, even his wife can’t get names right. Next thing you know they’ll be talking about Jeff Jones, Bryan Michal Bendi, and Stanley.

  33. Oh, so we know that Ali or Mohammed or whatever name is being used by the alleged wife of Granito – ACTUALLY is doing this? So hysteria can come to an end, do we have absolute proof it is her? If so, nail them I say. If NOT, then we have yet another problem being created. I am just so over this and want him to disappear back into whatever hole it was he crawled out of.

  34. adorkablegrrl

    Well written, Ty.

    Gotta say, I wonder how Charlie Sheen would feel about being compared to Rob Granito. *digs in PR contacts to find someone who knows Charlie Sheen*

  35. Thanks so much for posting this.
    You are my hero.
    Can you also post the email address which this letter came from?

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  37. i’ve painted entire houses without getting that much paint on my face.

    keep fighting the good fight, ty.

  38. I’d like to see an interview with Ty pretending to be Rob Granito. Show him how it’s done.

  39. Well stated Ty. Granito’s a fraud and this attempt to charge for interviews is the pathetic last dying attempts to dredge more money from people’s pockets before the door closes on his pathetic career. If he was truly innocent, then he’d be quick to be talking to anyone, hell, everyone about the whole situation; and he’d be doing it for free. Instead he’s trying to con people out of their money to listen to the ramblings of an ignorant, lying, fraud. Sad thing is that Granito and his wife are just delusional. Worse is that they made comments trying to link Granito to Dwayne McDuffie and Dave Stevens. That’s just f-ed up.

    Keep up all the good work Ty… on all fronts.. kicking Granito’s ass and creating art.

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  41. Wow, I thought this saga had twisted and turned itself out. Thanks for the update!

    I wish there was a way to keep following the story without giving him any more attention, yanno? I want to know what happens but I don’t want to feed his ego.

  42. I haven’t seen the comics community so lit up since Frank Miller dressed down the industry over its treatment of Golden Age creators. I was with Miller then, and I’m with you now. As a reader, I respect the work that goes into creating the stories that have entertained and provoked me over the years. That someone would attempt to pass himself off as a legitimate creator is almost as reprehensible as publishers not dealing fairly with creators.

    I wonder what the chances are of getting Granito to show up at Derby City Con in June here in Louisville. I’d be willing to buy something just so I could sue him for fraud.

    Incidentally, I half-expected this post to end with, “I don’t need to kill you, Granito. I’ve hurt you. And I wish to go on, hurting you.”

    • You know…I actually thought of the Khan call-back at the end, but decided against it. The “go to hell” had more bite. And if you bought something from them today or tomorrow, you couldn’t claim fraud, as a reasonable person could no longer claim to have been tricked or fooled by them at this point, they’re way too well known.

  43. This is amazing, amazingly shameless. “We’re frauds! Hear us roar!”

  44. He and his wife sound much more like the Tareq and Michaele Salahi of comics than the Charlie Sheen of comics.

  45. Is there any indication that the email is from Rob/Ali Granito? Surely it might just be a clever troll who set up an email address? Of course, if you know the address of Ali’s place of business and the correspondence comes from an email address associated with that business then that is probably conclusive. And of course I know you can’t prove that to me by publishing the real address here because it would get flamed into oblivion, it was just a thought.

    Also, I have no problem with the righteous anger displayed by artists and fans alike over the tracing/art fraud and Granito’s consistent lying to pad his CV, but some of the character attacks on here – recommending that someone should call child services because the Granitos are obviously bad parents – come on…

    • Yeah, the child services phone-call requests are out of line, you’re right. I don’t censor my comments section, though, unless someone calls me a poopy-head, as I have standards. There are some indicators that this is, indeed from the fine folks at Mr.*******’s studio (I promised myself not to type or say his name a few days back so you’ll have to figure out the secret name by deduction), and we’re going to leave it at that. You might not have seen it, but my facebook entry the day this blog was posted included a request that we NOT harass them physically, phone them, mess with the wife’s place of business, or bother their neighbors, as that was 4chan territory…but last week (when this went up) I felt it was appropriate to shame and embarrass them online, specifically because they requested that we stop doing that. I haven’t mentioned ’em on here, or brought them up since, and I’m hoping the story dies off, and they’re never heard from again, quite frankly.

  46. Dan Cunningham

    Maybe the child services call might be forthcoming – not, initially, regarding the Granitos as parents but the fact that, if the email requesting money for interviews is from Ali, then it is celebration/sponsorship of a fraud by a WOMAN WHO RUNS A DAYCARE CENTRE:

    This adds a particularly unpleasant flavour to the tale and involves her clients’ childrn in photos of the fraud – implying that Granito donated “art” to kids’ charities or something.
    Wholly unsavoury!

    • Ty Templeton

      I deleted the name of the daycare center–they don’t need the problem. This story is over–I know that there are still sites publishing new stuff and people are just reading about this, but I’m done with it. The Fraud has been stopped. Please do not post any personal information for the couple–it has led to problems for a woman with the same name as The Fraud’s wife.

  47. Dan Cunningham

    … in fact,———‘ may now be defunct as a daycare centre – I wonder why?
    Here, Ali Granito is on a list of childcarers:


    Do her clients know her husband is a known fraudster who hung around with an armed associate while plying his trade?

    • Her husband’s activities have nothing to do with her work. Please don’t post any personal information about them again–I try not to edit or control comments since I’m a big freedom-of-speech hippie, but I have limits. If you are an artist who was ripped off by The Fraud, then you have a reason to be angry with him, but that would limit you to contacting him and asking him to stop. If you are a fan who purchased art from him and you’re unhappy, then contact him and talk to him about it. Her work, their children’s custody, their private lives aren’t anyone’s business.

  48. Didn’t I leave a post here almost a month ago warning that this may happen, that the atmosphere fostered was almost a ‘Fair Game’ attitude towards them. Didn’t I get roundly shouted down for my trouble, and now look what is happening here, a spark fanned into a fire, can soon become an inferno out of everyone’s control.

    Seriously though… Let it go, it is over, the word is out about Rob any further action such as revealing private addresses or work places can lead to legal action being taken against the owner of this website.
    Nick Davis

    • Ty Templeton

      If I roundly shouted you down, then I’m sorry for that. This story is now in the long dead category, and should be treated as such. I know the internet has a long memory, and there are some folks who are just discovering the events and the anger, but the story is over in the real world. In fact, I haven’t mentioned Mr. G*******’s name in well over a month, and have made a point of never doing it again.

  49. Dan Cunningham

    I realize now the “mob” toneof my posts and regret any offence caused or implication that Ty Templeton invited my comments. I was posting as I would on a generic forum having just recently read about this whole case and been quite fascinated by it, professionally.
    Ty Templeton in no way invited or endorsed what I had said – I should have realized that this is the man’s personal site and not have posted in quite the tone I did.

  50. You must feel like a big man making comments about someone’s wife and children and children she works with! This entire webpage makes me ill! I guess you are just upset Rob Granito got more headlines than you ever have! As for everyone else, Jesus said it best, let those who are without sin judge not unless they want to be judged! I pity you!

    • If this web page has made you or your husband ill, then I guess I’ve done my job, and it’s time to move on. I’ll even make you a deal, if the pair of your promise to go the hell away, and never make your presence known to anyone working in the comic industry ever again, then I’ll never mention your names, and we can all properly forget you and the pathetic fraud you’ve accidentally married yourself to. I have no interest in dragging this out, and have avoided saying either of your names in public for well over a month. Emailing me, in the hopes that I’ll call attention to it, and you get another minute out of your fifteen minutes of infamy, isn’t going to work, because I’m tired of your whole story, and don’t feel like bitch slapping the pair of you anymore. It’s a little like kicking puppies…it’s too easy to do, and it stops being fun after a while.

      Ty the Guy

      Oh, and thanks for the warning about Jesus. I always knew he was on your side.

  51. Nobody is trying to get 15 minutes of fame. On contrary Mr Rob Granito is the name that is selling tickets and nobody is talking about Ty, so Ty is whiny and bitter! I feel sorry for you honestly from my heart. You do the SAME exact thing Mr Granito does which is animated DC Cartoon Art, but he gets attacked and you stay there smug and judgemental to bash him in online websites. It’s disgusting and I hope you are ashamed. Rob Granito is the cash cow of comic strips and it is his name that gets more attention than anyone else. THE END!

    • Ty gets HIRED by DC to draw their characters, and HE draws them. He doesn’t essentially trace the work of others and pass it off as his own. It’s really goddamn frustrating when you have to explain things that should be fucking obvious ethical behavior to people who JUST DON’T GET IT.

      If you’re drawing some company’s characters, fine. You’re selling that art? Fine. If the company doesn’t throw a fit, more power to you.


      There’s no way around that. It’s wrong. The-fucking-end.

      Granito isn’t selling tickets for shit and the only reason anyone in the world ever gave his work a seconds glance EVER is because 99% of his work is plagiarized from actual, accomplished artists.

      Granito isn’t a cash cow of anything. He’s a goddamn laughing stock and whoever you are(I’m assuming you’re his wife under a fake name), then you’re just as stupid to realize the guy has ZERO talent and whose only accomplishments in life involve riding the coattails of the true talented artists in the industry. GET A REAL FUCKING JOB, GRANITOS. Your scam is over.

  52. Mrs. G– Although I understand your urge to support your husband, it has been pointed out incessantly that you don’t know what you’re talking about. If EVERYONE is angry and upset at your husband that should be your first clue that he has, in fact, done something very very wrong. MY husband was hired by Warner Bros./DC Comics to work on Batman Adventures as writer and artist through several different incarnations of the series. He was hired to provide art for licensing. He didn’t “feel like he was working” with Bruce Timm because he was “drawing in the same style as Bruce Timm”–he actually REALLY has worked with Bruce Timm. When he draws Batman Adventures characters, fans approve because he IS a Batman Adventures artist. That is but one of the reasons why he is well-known in the business (that and the 25 years of work for DC, Marvel, Bongo, Vertigo, Mr. Comics, Eclipse, Fantagraphics…and too many more to list). Your husband has never ever ever–by HIS OWN ADMISSION–been hired by any mainstream company to do work for them.

    When you make comments on blogs, however anonymously you attempt to do so, your email address and your IP address both show up in the administrators’ account. I have actually been contacted by many in the business who would like that information in order to block you from their accounts. I am going to say this politely, I’m going to say it once: we are sick to bloody death of you both. Please go the hell away.

  53. so all you are trying to do is support and defend your husband but you attack the wife of Mr Rob Granito when you believe she is trying to do the same thing? I hate to tell you, Mr Granito is not going away and the name Rob Granito is not going away. He has more web coverage in the cartoon industry than any other comic book artist. Ty Templeton Duy Tano Rich Johnson Lemar Igle can bash him all day and all night but he has gotten more coverage then they are getting right now this is just the way entertainment works. You and Colleen really let me down Keiren. But dont worry I wont be visiting this website again and I will make sure the fans of Mr Rob Granito dont visit it either. Good day!

  54. Can you even count them on one hand?
    Geez you’re delusional.

  55. And I’m going to chime in here one last time, and actually try to appeal to you person to person, because I think I understand the level of truck that hit you guys in the last few months, and I was at the wheel for part of it, so I know why you’re lashing out at me.
    You love your husband, so it’s important to you, emotionally, to believe he’s not the bad guy in this story, and thus, someone ELSE has to be the bad guy, because a lot of bad things have happened in your life in these past weeks and it has to be SOMEONE’S fault. But I want you to consider, you’ve been beaten up by not one, not two or three, not a handful of comics fans and creators, but ALL of us. All of us. Every single person in our industry and fan base is angry at your husband, and to a small extent you as well. That’s information you have to ingest. It’s stimulus from the real world that should be telling you something about your status in our biz. You aren’t “selling tickets” because there are not tickets to sell. People getting hits on a blog doesn’t translate into money, you know, not until you’re getting hits in the millions and your story isn’t on that level of public interest. And if I was so interested in exploiting you and your story, I would have publicized your last email to me, but I’ve chosen no to. I’m not even mentioning you name so it won’t come up on a search engine.
    What I’d like you to consider is the possibility that your husband crossed a few lines that shouldn’t have been crossed. He lied about his associations with beloved creators who have passed away. He represented his work fraudulently, and he sold other people’s efforts as his own work. These aren’t just mistakes, they’re a series of crimes and frauds, and both you and the husband are having genuine trouble admitting and understanding your behavior. Believe it or not, comics is a friendly, family kind of industry, and we actually ARE able to forgive some bad behavior, provided that you guys understand what you did, and why everyone is angry. To toss around insults and to shout childish comments just continues to make you guys look unforgivable in the eyes of everyone who sees you. Surely you have to understand that.
    Let me offer up this genuine advice to your husband: Spend a year or so really learning the craft. Study anatomy, study brush technique and storytelling…look at the work of the masters as a learning opportunity rather than as a source for short cuts and material to trace. If your spouse actually developed some enviable skills and did some honest work, there’s a segment of this industry that would see it as a great comeback story. But you HAVE to own up to your crimes, and you HAVE to put the effort in. You can’t simply commit frauds and crimes and shout insults to the ones who shamed you for it….it’s useless energy, venting against me, or Mark Waid or Ethan Van Sciver, or Jamal Ingle, because you’ll never get satisfaction from any of us, hurling anger and shame back our way.
    So…head off, out of the spotlight for a while (there’s nothing in that light that can help you), and try to EARN a reason to be well known. Get Rob to spend those thousand hours MAKING himself into the artist he likes to claim he is. Fight for respect and admiration, don’t just simply mewl that you want it, as any child with a voice can do that.
    I’m talking to you parent to parent now….earn respect and control your emotions and give your family a chance to start fresh. Otherwise your story ends worse than it already has.
    One last note: Please don’t give any money to Josh Hoopes. He is an actual criminal, wanted by the FBI for multiple frauds and crimes. He tried to scam me a couple of years ago, and we set the feds on him. If he’s attached himself to you, it’s to see if there’s any cash he can steal from you, I promise.

    Ty the Guy

  56. Well said, Ty. Very eloquent and 100 percent accurate.

    I know I’ve aimed my share of snide comments and criticisms at Rob and his wife/CartoonFan, but as you say, there’s a reason I and so many other people–creators and fans and comic book convention managers and publishers and journalists alike–have been publicly condemning this couple. It’s because they’ve dug a very wide hole and are now refusing to sit in it.

    I do understand why she’s so upset, and why she has made such an embarrassment of herself in public, on this board and others–her husband’s income has completely gone away thanks in large part to his crimes and in smaller part to her extremely poor representation of him as his manager. (He ***really*** needs to hire a competent manager–someone who knows how to write, and how to act like a professional instead of a fool, and who has actual PR experience–instead of having his wife represent him. She’s quite possibly the worst PR person I’ve ever seen. It’s horrifying.)

    The lies, the deceit, the absurd attacks on you and other creators who are far more famous and popular and talented and respected than Rob could ever hope to be (and, more specifically, who have actually worked in the comics industry, unlike Rob). What Rob and his wife need to do is to drop the act–no more public tantrums, no more ridiculous attacks, no more pretending that Rob has not committed numerous crimes and fraudulent activities, no more posing as Rob supporters to offset the complete lack of people actually supporting him, no more claiming to have worked with creators with whom he never worked, no more lying about his credentials, no more calling himself a comic book artist despite never having done any work in that field, no more of Alison pretending not to be his wife, no more idiotic claims that he’s important and a hot ticket item when everyone knows that’s not the case, no more silly comparisons to Charlie Sheen, no more e-mails commenting on people’s gender or ethnicity or status as a parent, no more misspellings of people’s names, no more dancing around desperately trying to get everyone’s attention like a pair of sugar-fueled 7-year-olds with ADHD instead of putting that energy into trying to learn how to actually create art… in short, no more of what these two do every week. At this point, it’s just embarrassing.

  57. Charles Ranier

    Rob Granito has “more media coverage” than any of the REAL comic professionals here, but only in the same way that Casey Anthony has more media coverage than any other Florida housewife.

    • Exactly. These two retards don’t seem to understand the difference between fame and infamy. Getting attention doesn’t mean you’ve done anything right. In Rob’s(extremely apt name) case, he’s done nothing to gain fame at all. Everything he’s attracted is because of infamy.

  58. Hunter Garcell

    Their kids are going to grow up to be the children that told you, you could get Mew by using strength on the truck exactly 100 times after beating the elite 4 exactly 50 times.

  59. Julie Kavanagh

    Simple way to end all the acrimony and boasts here. Rob Granito needs to stand in front of an audience with just a pad of paper and a pencil and sketch requests freehand. A Batman leaping from Gotham’s skyline. Hobbes gamboling in a leafy glade… Let’s face it, he’d find drawing a matchstick man throwing a matchstick javelin a challenge.

  60. Oh dear, this has started up again, hasn’t it?
    Can I have a request? For the next couple of days, I’m totally cool with you guys posting about the folks in question if you have some comments, but could we refrain from just piling on and saying mean things to them? That part of this story should be over with, as it’s not productive. It wins no converts and offers little that’s new. I know it’s easy to get started, we all feel the same feelings of anger about this, but it’s past time that the invective stop, as it eventually becomes din. If you guys want to vent frustration with this couple, there’s a great facebook page just for that here:
    but I don’t want to re-start up the “Hate the Frauds” thread at Art Land, I really don’t. I’m surprised we got some sudden contact from them, and we briefly considered simply deleting it, but I thought I’d try to talk to her person to person, it didn’t occur to me that anyone else would even know this long after the thread had died down. In the long run, I’m going to treat Mr. and Mrs. G. as sufficiently kicked-out-of-the-treehouse that we can all stop kicking. It’s time to breathe out and let this fade away until there’s something new and positive to glean from it.
    I wish the couple well in whatever they find themselves doing (it better not be the same fraudulent nonsense, though) and hope that there’s some redemption in their future. Let’s all hope for that, as it makes us all feel better.
    Ty the Guy

  61. These people are beyond redemption.

  62. This is me, posting with my real name. I have nothing to hide. I am a professional author/novelist. I have been working since 1996 on my project which has finally seen fruition. I will not EVER hide behind a fake name or pretend to be somebody else.
    I am directing this at you CartoonFan.
    The entire comic book community knows you are one or both of the offenders in the matter. You are NOT impressive, NOT victims, NOT gaining anything but ire contrary what you have deluded yourselves into. I understand you have an individual who is wanted by the federal government for his matters in fraud. If you are continuing on because of this, then you need to know, too, that you two are going to be his next victims.
    Many people who see through the falsehoods you seem to think will make things better. Lying is lying no matter what.
    I may not know Ty or Duy, Colleen Doran, et al as much as I would like to, but I am working towards that level honestly through networking, courtesy, honesty, and fellowship. What you have done is spit in the face of every up and comer in the industry of fantasy literature as a whole. Publishers are looking at potential artists and writers with an even more skeptical eye than before. The word of your buffoonery HAS gotten out and people want even more proof now than ever from prospective creators.
    What you two have earned is hatred, by people who have worked very hard to get what they have and to be where they want to be, by lying and committing nothing less than unethical and immoral acts that, by definition, are also criminal.
    What *** had was built on deceit, lies, and thievery, pure and simple. Rubbing elbows with people of Ty’s, Al Rio’s, Adam Hughes’, Alex Ross’, Jim Lee’s, etc calibre is the stuff the kids half my age will probably never get because of the way *** comported himself, and which you are now perpetuating.
    NOBODY is bullying either of you. You have BOTH earned your places in the community and have a great deal of work to make amends if you wish to remain as a part of it. Stop trying to make yourselves out to be victims here, because it will not work. Nobody will buy it now. The hole you have dug is nigh-impossible to overcome, but not completely.
    You essentially have three choices. I am going to be as blunt as possible, no more minced words…1) Knock your sh*t off, grow up, man up, and act like decent, hard-working members of a community and EARN a place with some really great people. 2) Keep on being low-rent thieves and two-bit crooks, get caught go to jail, pay restitution, serve time, and be banned from working in this industry and be lucky to get a job slinging burgers, stocking shelves, or housekeeping. 3) Keep on with the chicanery, and continue humiliating yourselves and become scammed by JH who is notorious for bending his “friends” over and…you figure out the rest of that.
    Like me or not, I couldn’t care less. Just know that there are folks out here that are like me and are and will always be, better people than either of you ever will be, will have more talent than you will ever muster, and live with true courage as opposed to being sniveling, lying, rotten, petulant brats.
    The above is my opinion. Perhaps others feel the same way, I don’t know. Don’t like it, ComicFan? Deal with it.
    And my offer still stands.

  63. Ty and William, you gentlemen are top act. To honor Ty I will refrain from commenting on what have been said about the Granitos. Be advice every word that was spoken is true and fair.

    Bravo gentlemen bravo…….

  64. Brent Richardson

    “Rob Granito gets people talking!”

    So does water-boarding.

    I wouldn’t recommend that, either.

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  66. I see a lot of cruelty. I don’t know why someone who continuously stole other people’s artwork deserves your constant scorn, why won’t you forgive what I keep calling an “honest mistake”? but it is easier to be mr and mrs popular from behind a computer screen, I guess. I will still pray that my husband and I get away with our buffoonery as long as we can, as much as I hope other people pray for my husband’s criminal behavior to be ignored,just so you know. But once again Mr. Fraud-Boy was a major headline in the world of the comic today (on the Bleeding Cool, where you’ll notice everyone calls us an asshat in the comments section), what have YOU been doing besides slinging hate and bashing fellow comic artists? I suppose your many credits for Marvel and DC over the last few decades give you some kind of “popularity”, but it doesn’t matter to me. You should just take this article about me and my husband down, because it only instigates debate between the anti-Fraud fans and the pro-Fraud fans, which to be fair, the pro-fraud fans are always me and the husband pretending to be other people. But we’ll keep doing it as long as people keep letting us.
    P.S- Rob Granito launched Phase One of his new project today, and it’s hysterically moronic, with all of the ideas stolen from pre-existing series like Marvel Zombies and stuff. If any fans can get over trying to be trendy, go and check them out. It will blow your mind that we still think we have fans!
    Yours sincerley, NOT Alison Granito, and my email address isn’t
    Which I know I’m supposed to keep secret, but something just made me hit the button to publicize it. What’s wrong with me sometimes?

  67. Wow, Cartoon Fan. I do have to wonder why you added another comment to my blog today, but considering the things that you said, apparently you finally realized confession is good for the soul.

    Ty the Blog Administrator (who is in charge of the EDIT FUNCTION ON THE COMMENTS SECTION you dumb monkey.)

  68. Uggh! Every time Granito or his wife refer to him as “a fellow Comic Artist” it makes me ill. He has never been and,never,ever will be a “fellow Comic Artist” to us. But He certainly is a “fellow Con Artist” to the other thieving schmuck Josh Hoopes,whom he is partnered with now. If that is Granito’s wife posting on this blog, relay this message to him, Don’t come to anymore Comic Conventions. You’ve stolen from me and my friends, I’m very pissed and I’m not very nice. I don’t need to sue you..I just need to see you. Catch my drift?

  69. You may relay messages yourself. That email address up there at the bottom of Cartoon Fan’s message is a functioning email. At least it was when Cartoon Fan decided to out herself and publish it here on my blog. I have no idea why she wanted everyone to have her email address, but there it is….

  70. so 200,000 hits on a Bleeding Cool story translates into popularity ??

    Look up in a dictionary the word “infamy”.

    *****may be all over the internet but its with negative connotations and the story will always be available for reference, it will never go away. Believe me you will think everything will work out in the future but this type of negativity haunts you for a lifetime. The explanations by Mr **** about his past claims makes absolutely so sense, at no time did he actually accomplish anything he publicized and saying “but you cant prove it didnt happen” translates to readers as meaning “I am lying but you cant prove it”

    I tend to speak up for victims when they are ganged up on, but the responses from the ***** tells me that they are convinced they have done nothing and wrong and will blame everybody else for what is happening, and that’s delusional behaviour..

    Ty – You once drew a Superman sketch for me and I instructed you to make it look like Joe Shuster’s, does that mean we worked together ? (I need to put it on my resume)

  71. Ty, you crack me the hell up.

  72. Ty, you and I discussed Planet of the Apes several times while I was researching my books. Hence, you and I collaborated with Pierre Boulle, Rod Serling, Michael Wilson and Paul Dehn on writing not only the novel, but the films as well.

  73. I know nothing about the cartoon/art world, but I heard about this on Ravelry and have been reading various blogs about it since last night. Such despicable behavior! I’m also tired of the “he’s just trying to feed his family” excuse he gives. Plenty of people do honest work to feed their families; they don’t need to lie, cheat, and steal to do it. All I can say is, thank God for the internet; I hope these idiots get what’s coming to them.

  74. 200,000 hits, and they think that makes them popular?

    Here’s how that math really works out.

    Rich has about 60,000 regular readers.

    If only 10,000 of them click on a story 20 times to read the comments thread, you get 200,000 hits. Those are not Granito’s readers, those are Rich Johnston readers. It would be easy for just a small percentage of Johnston’s readership to account for many hits with 100 posts and readers coming back over and over again to read the posts.

    I’ve written several blog posts on Granito on my site, and Rich linked back to one of them. These posts showed no significant increase in the page views on that day over any other day with a new post. As a matter of fact, the post that brought me the most hits over the last month was not the Granito story – even with Rich’s link back – but a day where I posted about educational programs for immigrant artists, and a sale on my graphic novels.

    Granito is not popular, Rich Johnston’s blog is. I routinely get over 300,000 page views on my site every month, and my stats show as many as 90,000 unique visitors per month.

    However, deeper analysis shows that of that number, only about 20,000 of them are dedicated readers.

    No one with a modicum of web savvy confuses hits with popularity or actual readership. And most people would be smart enough to distinguish between hits and page views. If I pick up a new reader, they may sit down and read my entire webcomic, running through 500 pages in one sitting. Because my site got 500 views, that does not mean I got 500 views from 500 people. What I got was 500 views from one person.

    200,000 people did not sit down and delight at the wonder that is Granito, anymore than I have 90,000 regular readers of my blog, just because that’s what my stat counter indicates. There’s a big difference between a hit and an individual reader, and a page view and a hit, and a unique reader and a visit.

    I doubt this will be of any use to Granito and Granita, as they are denser than a singularity. But whatever.

  75. just thank you ty I just learned a lot about how a blog administrator can edit any comment I make to make me look like a complete idiot, as you’re probably doing right now. I wonder what on Earth made me comment on your blog AGAIN after you demonstrated that it’s done with the mere click of a button, but as I’ve learned nothing in the last month of being hated online, and how the entire comics community thinks my husband and I deserve everything that’s coming to us. I’ll probably keep doing it.
    Cartoon Fan.

    • CartoonFan, you and your husband are sociopaths. You either cannot grasp the gravity of illegal activity that you have done, or refuse to recognize it. You cannot pull an Obi Wan move, wave your hand in front of people’s faces, and say, “This never happened. We never did such things.” If you were TRULY sorry for your wrongs, you would bow your heads in shame and do penance unto the wronged parties, versus what you actually did was grabbed a pedestal and stood on it, using artists you ripped off as the stairwell to get up there. I am trying to be as kind about this as possible. I would suggest you make amends (WITHOUT the excuses or twisting around the apology to sound as if someone deserved what you did to them) in the most sincerest of apologies, eradicate all artwork not of original thought and design, and leave the comic book industry. Your husband can teach art at school, be a productive and HONEST member of society.

      And to anyone who reacts in anger: PLEASE do not create a situation where the tables can be turned in FAVOR of these sociopaths. I heard there was some artwork sent to the email that could be interepreted as a threat. That can be considered a crime. Please have some taste. Create funny demotivational posters (I did several that I believe were quite funny) and only do images of the man, and not of the woman and children.

      I really hope this will come to a more positive resolution for the artists that have been wronged. And I really hope you, CartoonFan, and your husband, will grow some consciences.

    • So, your complaint is that you don’t like the idea that people can cake your ideas and creativity and alter them with “the click of a button”?

      How have you and hubby not come down with irony poisoning by now?

      I await patiently the moment that Josh Hoopes asks you to front money for your comic projects for an advance for the art teams, or the printer has run out of Cadmium Yellow and can’t print until he has some.

      Oh, how we’ll laugh

  76. Wow, Cartoon Fan…you commented again? That’s the sort of thing that suggests you actually have a learning disability.

    Ty the Editing Blog Administrator.

  77. I heard he has a new comic coming out. The heroes are born with their powers and have to learn how to live in a world that hates them.

  78. Pffft, that’ll never work Shadowlost. Especially when I release my masterpiece, it’s about people coming to terms with things. It’s a real “Cash Cow” I can feel it in my loins!!!!

  79. Thanks for clarification Colleen and I do now how it works, my point to the Granitos is that “having your name all over the internet” for the wrong reason isnt good. No good will come of it, unless Cartoon Network decides to host a game show called “Legitomite” and constant attacking people when it is obvious to everyone that you are wrong win them no sympathy.

  80. Talk about beating a dead horse… Did someone wake up and decide to start posting in here again? The last two days my email box was filled with the return to this nonsense over an issue that has been dealt with.


  81. I am currently making a pie, I didnt see Ty or Colleen making any pies, and that’s very upsetting to me! Even Ty’s cute little website seems to be entirely devoted to the dessert industry, instead of comics, which is what it should be about. Sending people pies through the internet seems impossible, but it’s what I dream about. At first, I was considering banana cream, or a nice lemon, but there’s that problem of the internet pie, which obsesses me. I wonder what’s for lunch?

    Yours sincerely, Cartoon Fan. Maker of pies.

    • Again with the comments, Cartoon Fan? I’m sorry, I don’t understand your obsession with pies, but if that’s what you’re here to talk about, I’m not sure anyone is interested. This is a comics-themed website, and I don’t even remember anyone talking about pies before you brought it up.

      Ty the Editing Blog Admin

  82. Oh, man. Now I WANT to talk about comics and pies.

  83. Charles Ranier

    The pie is a lie, too

  84. ‘Douchebag’ seems to be too polite a word.

    Here’s hoping he either disappears forever or comes clean and actually puts as much effort into becoming an artist as he did into pretending to be one. I wouldn’t bet on it, though. Thanks to all the people who helped expose him.

    Now I must have some pie.

    • You’re safe. G****** has, in fact, “gone away”. No one has heard from him in months, and the last few things he popped up with were astoundingly poor ideas (stolen ideas at that) for various series that he wanted to publish, but never got around to drawing a single panel of. He’s toast.

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