This Weekend…

Hey folks and focuses.  I’ll be seeing everybody in the free world tomorrow at the Fan Appreciation Convention in Toronto, so tonight I’m running loose in my studio, looking for art I’ve never showed off before, including pages from my recent Spider-Man/Thing/Harvey Pekar stuff, original art from my Bun Toons, some Dexter Animated art,  and some grocery receipts and shirt cardboards from the dry cleaners.

I’ve got a couple of fun prints to sell (woo hoo) some work in progress from the Bill Finger project, and might even have a story or two to tell about my new DC gig that’s too fun to contain.

And the BEST part of all, this is the first official convention guesting of Marvel and DC letterer and Moonstone Colorist, Mrs. Me.  The startlingly talented K.T. Smith (mother of my children and ruler of my heart) will be seated beside me.  Come on over and wave hello, we promise not to bite, unless there’s money in it for us.

Guy, Ty the.

Here now your comic book convention bonus moment:


Is there anyone who doesn't look great dressed as The Real Wonder Woman?

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