Ty’s Parade of Cartoon Memories 2: This Time It’s Personal

Set the way-back machine Sherman - to the year 1980!

Once upon a time, I was young and pretty, and sure I was someday going to be paid to be a cartoonist like my heroes Gahan Wilson, Jack Cole, Harvey Pekar, B. Kliban, Will Elder, and the people that made the back pages of Playboy better than the pages with the naked ladies in them.

So, my teenage self submitted cartoons to Playboy, and the New Yorker,  Penthouse, or anyone willing to write me a rejection letter in return.  Last year, I found a box full of these old, first attempts at my mother’s house and was amused to see gags and drawings I created before I could legally drink.  Throughout those early years, I suffered for my art.

Now it’s your turn.

My first mistake in submitting these to Playboy…so little nudity.

See you at the Fan Appreciation Convention in Toronto.  Everyone who shows up nude gets a free sketch.  I’ll show those Playboy people I’m Hefner material!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Hugh Hefner Cartooning Bonus Moment:

An original cartoon that "Hef" did when HE was a teenager. To be fair, I'd have rejected him right back.

Thank god he discovered boobies and gave a generation of cartoonists a place to work.


Read "Metal Guy", the quickest canceled comic in history!

Or go here to see the Cartoon Parade part 1:

So far, it’s a once every six months tradition!

3 responses to “Ty’s Parade of Cartoon Memories 2: This Time It’s Personal

  1. Despite your divergent life paths, I suspect that both you and Hef spend a lot of time working in your pajamas.

  2. I love the priest wearing the glass bowl; that’s a particularly nice touch. One of my favorite cartoons ever was actually in an issue of Playboy from, oh, 15-20 years ago. It featured a redneck staring at a closet full of ball caps, stumped about which to wear for the day. I wish I’d kept the issue and could name the cartoonist. Anyway, my point in mentioning this is that maybe you applied at the wrong time because I’ve seen a lot of cartoons in Playboy that didn’t feature boobies. I even took the time to read some of ’em! It’s certainly Playboy‘s loss that they didn’t recognize then your talent.

  3. Advocating nude attendees at FAC of Toronto, this will be good…


    Steven Willis

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