Free Comic Book Day!!

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 7. Ty will be appearing at Paradise Comics, Toronto, Ontario (after lunch-ish…he’s been keeping some late nights working on the art for the Bill Finger biography).

Other guests will be Emily Ragozzino (Dork Girl, Tom Boy Tara);

Ken Wheaton (Radioactive Man, Futurama)

Dave Ross (teacher at Max the Mutt Animation School)

and last, but certainly never least–“Canada’s Ultimate Fangirl” Liana K.

So, stop by Saturday for sketches and autographs and FREE comic books!!


3 responses to “Free Comic Book Day!!

  1. Dang it, stop making me want to move to Toronto!


    Steven Willis

  2. I’m happy to read a DC universe were Power Girl exists.
    I’m extremely happy to live in a reality were gorgeous women dress up (cosplay?) as Power Girl.

  3. FCBD is the first Saturday in May. You know what else is the first Saturday in May? The Kentucky Derby. We’ve got comic book shops here in Louisville. Just puttin’ that out there.

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