Free Comics on Free Comics Mother’s Day!! YAY!

It's always Free Comics Day every Saturday around here!

Ah, moms.  If it weren’t for mothers throwing away the comic collections of other people my age, then my personal collection wouldn’t be worth so much money.  So on behalf of the other mothers who tore up Green Lantern comics and tossed all those Avengers into the trash, we salute Mother’s Day…

ADVANTAGE:  The Flying Dog.

I’m off to Paradise Comics in Toronto for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  It’s like Christmas for our industry, and I love giving out the candy.  See you in the funny papers!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Aunt May Moment:

Yes, this was a real thing.


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24 responses to “Free Comics on Free Comics Mother’s Day!! YAY!

  1. Travis Pelkie

    “or to the theater” Yes!

    This entire strip was so good.

    That Team up issue is kinda good, actually…

  2. Good to get another great dose of Bun-Toons so early today. Gracias!


    Steven Willis

  3. “or to the theater””
    OH SNAP, Aunt May! 😀
    This strip is so full of win I can’t even describe it.

  4. LOL – thanks for that strip Ty. Ahhh, dueling comic book Mom’s.

    Wonder what Hippolyta would have said in that conversation?

    • That’s an AWESOME question.

    • Ty Templeton

      First off, I assume Hippolyta would be confused by the entire concept of “making a pie”. Also: as much as we’d hate to admit it, Diana hasn’t had anywhere near the career that Peter and Clark have had.

  5. Many hearty lulz, especially the theatre jokes! Well done, sir!

  6. Man, I love that this sort of sneakily turned into a vs. But it makes me sad that I have, as of yet, to see Professor X vs. Darwin and Stephen Hawking vs. Spectre. Though mostly the former. British dude smackdown FTW.

    • Ty Templeton

      I actually wrote a Darwin vs. Prof. X toon, but did not find it funny enough to post. Every now and then, things are much funnier as a title than as a gag. And the Hawking vs. the Spectre thing is still an ongoing fight, there’s been no declared winner as of yet.

  7. Well done, old friend. You’re as funny as you ever were.

    Captain BS

    • Ty Templeton

      Holy Cow! It’s the Captain! Who linked you to this toon, sir? I hope you’re doing peachy well…

  8. Waitasecond. Shouldn’t Mephisto be granting Aunt May a do-over?

  9. Now I’m just left wondering if Ms. Lion will avenge Aunt May. And bring his teammates along with him…

    • Ty Templeton

      Maybe it’s the gender switch in the middle of the sentence, or maybe I’m just not as hip to the references as I’d like…but who is Ms. Lion, and who are his teammates?

      • Travis Pelkie

        Ms Lion is the little dog Aunt May had in the ’80s SpiderMan and his Amazing Friends cartoon. Apparently, even though it’s “Ms Lion”, the dog was a male. I guess. Dunno who his teammates are, though.

        • Ms. Lion was MALE? Whoa.
          And these days his teammates are the Pet Avengers, aren’t they? Lockjaw, Frog Thor, Zabu, Red Wing and Lockheed?

          • Travis Pelkie

            I read that Ms Lion was male in Wizard years ago. It’s one of those things that sticks in your head, unfortunately.

            Ah, yeah, Pet Avengers, of course. I loved that!

            • I should have known this…I regularly read the Pet Avengers, and even know who the dog is….silly forgetful me.

  10. my Bun has been tooned again this week…thanks Ty!

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