Thor Bun Toons, YEA!

Or rather, Yea VERILY!

Everyone’s seen the movie by now, including a new crop of fans who have no idea who this long-haired hipster doofus was before he made it to the big screen.  But I’m here to help, thank Odin.   So for you neophyte Asgardians, here now is…

It’s always funny to say DICK on the internet.

I’m going to catch trouble now, because I didn’t include Hogun the Grim.  Just you watch.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Bonus Thor/ Templeton moment:  The only issue of Thor I ever wrote (for the Marvels Comic Group about eight years ago…)


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19 responses to “Thor Bun Toons, YEA!

  1. I gotta ask: How tempting was it to reference Adventures in Babysitting? Also, I love panel 3. That could stand entirely on its own and be satisfying.

  2. Someday the kid in the Thor costume from Adventures in Babysitting has to team up with the kid in the Flash costume from Daddy Day Care. That’s a company crossover we’re all dying to see.

  3. Peter S. Svensson

    Call Him Thor was probably my favorite of those one-shots. You took the premise to its logical conclusion. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    Also, the comic was cool.

  4. Was the last panel modeled from the top of a skyscraper in Chicago?


    Steven Willis

  5. “Okey-Dokey, Loki”…

    Thor hasn’t been watching… My Little Pony… has he?

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  7. I want a viking helmet of chicken now.

    • There are franchises on Valhalla, but the cost is mind boggling. Something about a king’s ransom. I hear it’s pretty good though.

  8. Hello there. A friend sent me the link to this and i have had a GREAT laugh with it because you just NAILED the whole thing.
    It SO rocks! If you are OK with it, I would love to link this entry on my own blog, where I keep a section called THOR WITHOUT FRONTIERS, with news, images and curiosities (and some artwork by me too!). Greetings from Spain!

    • By all means link to it. I prefer a link to lifting the art and reproducing it, as there’s always an introduction, a closing joke, a bonus moment and a lot of stuff that’s not there if you just grab the strip and run it on your own blog. And we appreciate the extra hits we get when folks come here to read my material (they might go on to read other things….)
      Glad you liked it.

  9. Hell Ty, thanks for your answer.
    Of course I understand, and that was my intention: not just posting your art, but providing a link to it. I asked for your permission because I felt it was the right thing to do; there are too many blokes around just lifting things here and there, and using them everywhere.
    My idea was to use the cover of “the only Thor issue you wrote” that you included on this post as the image for my post, and introduce your four panels in a proper way, speaking a little about your career, too, in a brief text. How about that?

  10. Err, I meant “Hello Ty”, sorry for the typo!

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