The End of the World Rapture Bun Toons! YAY!

This might be our last time together...

According to some pretty responsible sources in the media, today might be the last day of the world, and all the devout, religious people get to go bodily to heaven later this evening.  Sounds like a party, I hope there’s not much looting when it’s just us heathens left behind.

Yes Cap and Thing aren’t in their current outfits.   Don’t write me.   I hope to see you next week, with a bun toon for those left behind on Earth after the Rapture.  I hope the internet survives the end of days, as I have emails to catch up on.

Ty the Guy OUT!

UPDATE:  The world did NOT end on Saturday, citizens.  Go about  your day, and please, frequent your local malls and businesses. 

Here now, your BONUS Rapture Comic Book Moment:

You all knew there HAD to be Rapture Comic Books, right?


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17 responses to “The End of the World Rapture Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Wow great strip!!! the end surprised me. And I really love the art! You did so much with that simple style. If only others could draw those heroes as good as you did!

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  3. Hilarious. But the last two lines are even more hilariouser.

  4. Travis Pelkie

    The theological implications of this strip are mind boggling. But damn, it’s funny.

    It’s a good thing Ben would have been circumsized before his transformation into the Thing.

  5. Travis, now you’ve gone and made everyone online mentally picture what The Thing’s circumcised and rocky sexual organ looks like. Ew. Ew. YOU did that, not me. That’s on YOU my friend. I merely pointed it out, and focused undue attention on what you did to a level that suggested I was clearly dragging it out for effect. It’s still all you, man.

  6. Travis Pelkie

    Reed Richards would have spent an ungodly amount of time trying to figure out a way to give the Thing a bris, that’s all I was saying. Oy!

    Those blue shorts are tight enough we can tell Ben’s rabbi, anyway.

  7. Ben Grimm IS Jewish.

    I’m pretty sure Cap knows about it too.

    Ultimate Cap might have issues with it, too.

    • I’m completely aware Ben is Jewish, and have, in fact, worked on Marvel comics that brought that up…I was trying to make the point that ALL of Jack Kirby’s characters are Jewish in some way, especially the ones he co-created with Stan Leiber, or Joseph Simon. Damn near every major character in the comics book industry (Superman, Batman, The Spirit, the X-Men, the Avengers, Swamp Thing…pretty well the Silver and Golden Age of comics in total) were created by pairs of Jewish creators working together, and about half of them were using “American-ized” names while doing it. The idea that Steve Rogers was born Hershel Rabinowitz isn’t just a joke, it’s a likely truth.
      And Ultimate Cap does seem to have issues of identity, doesn’t he? Ultimate Cap was born Steve Rogers, of that there is no doubt.

  8. To me, the best part is thinking of Hulk as Chinese… One of the greatest Bun-Toons so far, thank ya Ty!


    Steven Willis

  9. Great work as always, Ty. Could Secret Wars III: Hanukkahboom! be far off?

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  11. Jewish people don’t get enraptured, but they beam up the FRENCH? Unfair.

    Whose ass do I need to Savate over this?

  12. Can you imagine what would happen if Wolverine converted to Judaism? I mean… that bris event would be … awkward. “Keep trying, bub!” “It just… keeps growing back!”

  13. I’m fairly sure Logan has been circumcised a few times by accident in the heat of battle…he might have even been Bobbit-ted. But there’s the fun of being Wolverine…you can cut things off as a party trick.

  14. What a terrific way to take a historical fact (Jewish comic creators) and tie it to current events.

    Reading some of the other comments reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Comic Book Guy is arguing with Bart about something in the comic world “that never happened,” to which Bart replies “of course it never happened, these comics are all made up” and promptly gets kicked out of the store.

  15. Just as a factual aside, growing back wouldn’t be a problem -the bris would only have to be done once.


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