LAST WEEK on the ‘net

monday may 16

The My Little Pony Thread:  By the Allsparkle, Pinkie Pie is God!  from THE ALLSPARK/forums

Random Comics News Story Round-Up from The Comics Reporter


Linkarama@Newsarama May 16, 2011 from Newsarama

Ty Templeton’s Everything You Need to Know About Thor… from HeroPress

Everything You Need To Know About Thor from Kieron Gillen’s Workblog

thursday may 19

May 19, 2011 Quick Hits from The Comics Reporter

Everything You Need To Know About The Mighty Thor in Four Panels, by Ty Templeton from iFanboy

Thor Abridged in 4 Panels from The Giggaheim

friday may 20

Rest in Peace:  Jeffrey Catherine  Jones (1944-2011)  from Ragged Claws Network


Paradise Comics:  FCBD and Beyond… from Scoop Diamond Galleries


21.MAY.2011 HEY KIDS, END OF TIMES! from Sequential

sunday may 22

Batbridge  from Noblemania

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