It’s all about the learnin’!

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you probably know I teach classes at the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop when I’m not drawing stuff for comics (and writing stuff for comics).  Today’s an anatomy class, and I prepared a couple of handouts, showing the development of the arm and shoulders from a simple skeletal form to a finished one.  They’re fun little examples and I thought I’d show off a couple of today’s handouts, just so you guys can see what you’re missing by not coming ’round to the Workshop and hanging out.

The headless woman claps her hands above her neck hole...

More of today’s handouts:

All right, that’s enough knowledge bombs for today.  You’ve got the working understanding of the arms now, go draw an issue of the Hulk, already!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your bonus comic book anatomy moment:

The drawing of Cap on the left is by Rob Liefeld...the drawing on the right was drawn anonymously, but it shows off the level of anatomical drawing skill that Rob is known for.

9 responses to “It’s all about the learnin’!

  1. As Gene Wilder says in Young Frankenstein: “Wow! What knockers!”

  2. I knew it! What’s the point of the intro with those two handouts when Robbo’s anatomy class would have enlightened us..? Yes, I see the light…

  3. He he, boobalas.

    here’s a detail i just thought of looking at this, not something you’d have to use in comics but if you wanted to – the forearm bulges change depending on the position of the hand. Pulled back like this the underside, or palm side should be smother with the bulging more pronounced on the top/back of the arm. If the wrist was bent forward with the palm down, actually clasping already rather than in what looks like a reaching pose here, then the reverse happens.

    • All true, but we’ve only got seven weeks to learn all the hinge joints, ball joints, and muscle attachments. I kept the subtle stuff out of the lessons.

  4. Please allow me to openly weep over the fact that I couldn’t sign up for Drawing the Human Figure From Memory as I had planned. *SOB* … Maybe I will completely re-organize my entire life so that I can take the Writing class this summer. Damn you, Ty – why must these courses be so enticingly fantastic?!

    PS: Is there much overlap between the Writing class and the Boot Camps? Already done both of those.

  5. Norm,

    As an alumni of both the Bootcamps & Writing for Comics, I can say I still found WfC to be worth the time/effort/money even after having taken the Bootcamps.

    There’s some new stuff, as well as elaboration of everything that was touched on in Bootcamp.


  6. Great blog Ty! I love your art! You have that deceptively simple style that looks childlike but has all that anatomy and stuff behind it.
    I found a great link for female anatomy, and thought I would share –

  7. Woaahhhh. Makes me wonder what to expect when the new Cappie movie does make it out.


    Steven Willis

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