Oh, we could be Heroes…Just for one bid.

Well, that opening David Bowie pun gives away my age, doesn’t it? (For you youngsters in the crowd, David Bowie was in a band called Tin Machine, go ask your mom.)

Now this:

A couple of weeks back, I was showing off a delightful gig I’d gotten, where I got to ink a cover for the Hero Initiative Avengers 100 project, inking over pencils by….ROY THOMAS.

Roy Thomas?

Yes, Roy Thomas.  The legendary Marvel editor, Conan writer, Avengers creator, and perpetual fanboy penciled his first ever Marvel cover for this project and I got to ink it, and it’s finally up for auction on eBay HERE.

Go bid on the cover, please and thank you.  The proceeds go to help out comic creators in desperate time, such as Gene Colan, Russ Heath and other living legends who need a hero in their lives when they run into disastrous health problems and  medical bills.

Forget about my participation, you could be the first fan on Earth to have an original Roy Thomas Avengers cover.  Talk about unique!  Rare!  One-of-a-kind!  Other synonyms for singular objects!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Click on the image to be taken to the eBay auction page, and throw your money onto a good cause.

2 responses to “Oh, we could be Heroes…Just for one bid.

  1. Thank you Ty for helping out in such a great cause!


    Steven Willis

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