Memorial Day Weekend Bun Toons, YAY!

Yes, I'm Canadian, but I know how to pander.

Ah, the long weekend…it’s that extra day off that allows you to fall even further behind on your work.   But before you settle back into a comfy chair, put a little effort in and read a web-comic, why don’tcha?

And when boobies win, don’t we ALL win, just a little?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Memorial Day Weekend Bonus Comic Book Moment:

Suck on THAT level of patriotism, you Iwo Jima flag-raising-Marines!


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11 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend Bun Toons, YAY!

  1. Hilarious, as always!

  2. Good one!
    Publicity stunt!!!

  3. OR, is it that “Dead Storm” wins…


    Steven Willis

  4. Boobies ALWAYS win.

  5. Heather, believe it or not, when I typed the words “Boobies Win” I was thinking of you. Everyone reading this comment (except for you and my wife) is going to completely misinterpret that, but it’s what went through my brain as the fingers typed.

  6. Sounds to me like Tybunny has a lot ‘o ‘splainin’ to do about that last one.
    Oh wait, you said that THEY’d understand. Thass’ better.
    Down to business: Why is Deadman’s set so much better than Johnny’s? I am not happy with those Torch-boobies at all. Maybe Doris Evans would lend hers? (and see if you remember THAT – Hah!)

    • As promised, my boobie comment was going to be misinterpreted. And as for Deadman’s endowments, have you never heard tales of a bottle of a rum and a deadman’s chest? Now you know why it’s pirate legend. (BTW: you like Deadman’s gender switch better because I gave him womanly hips, not because of the new equipment upstairs.) Not only do I remember Dorrie Evans, I’ve DRAWN her in an issue of Spider-Man/Human Torch. She was all over the first issue and a bit of the second issue of that series, as we started our story back when Peter and Johnny were in high school. And I’ve got a nearly complete run of Strange Tales from just after #100 (103 I think is my first one) until Brother Voodoo takes over in the late Seventies with issue #182 or thereabouts. Speaking of Strange Tales, I’m currently drawing something for Marvel with an old villain returning, whose ONLY appearance was in an issue of Strange Tales. (Hints dropped, that’s all you’re getting).
      Ty the Guy

  7. now my mind is racing..who CAN it be?

  8. I hope it’s the Captain America imposter from Strange Tales #114.

  9. It seems to me that “Game Over – Boobies Win” should be a bumper sticker.

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