LAST WEEK on the ‘net

monday may 23

The Daily Lagomorph May 23, 2011 from David Mack:  The Analog Blog

Daily Picks: Everything You Need To Know About The Mighty THOR In Four Panels from BuzzPop!

Jacob Kurtzberg wins May 21 from JewSchool

tuesday may 24

Rapture: Some Ridicule and A Jewish Response (Thanks to Ty Templeton) from Am I? Or Am I? Or…

Commissioner Gordon at his computer from Bumbles Bounce

wednesday may 25

Showcase presents Booster Gold from Now Read This!

On Identity from James Cooper

5 Minutes with Tom Richmond from Comic Related

thursday may 26

The Weekly Schmooze: The Bibi drinking game from The Jerusalem Post

May 26, 2011 Quick Hits/Industry  from The Comics Reporter

saturday may 28

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from ComicMix

American Splendor:  Another Day from Things I Like


Happy Memorial Day from Deadman and Johnny Storm from Comics Cavern

Sunday Readings 5-29-11 from Panel Patter

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