Roy Thomas and the Avengers raise money for Hero Initiative! YAY!

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the last weeks…Roy Thomas penciled a cover for an issue of Avengers, and I got to ink it, and we auctioned off the artwork to raise money for THE HERO INITIATIVE, a very worthy cause.

…and as the auction ended, the cover raised $635 for retired cartoonists with medical bills and no way to pay ’em (which is a big part of what HERO does).   What a lovely way to end the alarmingly busy, but pleasant month of May.  Tra la!

There’s plenty of covers left to auction off from this AVENGERS 100 set…here’s a few on the block right now!

The always lovely and talented TERRY DODSON

Click on the image to be taken to the auction

and the lovely and very Canadian Stuart Immonen.

Click on the image to be taken to the auction

It’s always a great cause, and some of these Avengers covers are the best sketches I’ve ever seen….(see below)

Ty the Guy

Here now, your BONUS Hero Avengers cover moment:

Click on the image and be taken to Steve Epting's Sketchblog!

Isn’t THAT pretty?

3 responses to “Roy Thomas and the Avengers raise money for Hero Initiative! YAY!

  1. Travis Pelkie

    That’s some sweet stuff, and a great cause. Too much money for me to be able to spend, but if I could….

    How about something I can afford — besides the Ultimate SpiderMan 100 book, has Hero Initiative done any more collections of these sketch covers that have been done the past few years? I got to get a bunch of people to sign that collection at the Boston Comic Con last month, which is pretty sweet.

  2. They’ve already published the AVENGERS 100 collection. I signed a whole bunch of ’em at a store signing about two weeks ago.

  3. I think this is the one cause we can all agree is well worth supporting!


    Steven Willis

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