HOLMES INCORPORATED #2: And so it begins…

TooBusyToBreathe…let alone blog but I couldn’t let another minute go by without sharing some of the goodness coming your way courtesy of the contributors to Issue #2 of Holmes Incorporated, the comic book being put out by the students of my Fit to Print class (from Toronto Cartoonists Workshop). I tried to find an amazing piece of art I can show you–but they’re ALL so amazing I can’t narrow it down. So, I’m posting a page which is  up at the Holmes Inc. website…click the image and let it carry you on through so you can read up on the ish, read some bios, and read the tutorials going up from various creators.

By oh-so-talented Danny Wong. Click the image to see more work from Holmes Inc. creators

One response to “HOLMES INCORPORATED #2: And so it begins…

  1. The first piece is really incredible… quite!


    Steven Willis

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