Omni-Man Convention Comics Bun Toons, YAY!

And just like a convention, I'm giving out the free sketch!

I have a special BUN TOONS for you this week:  one I drew at a convention a few months back.  I’ll not name con-organizer names, but it was a fairly slow one, with not that many people in artist alley, and plenty of time for all us pencil jockeys to pass the hours doing something other than talking to fans.   It all started when someone asked if I could sketch Omni-Man and I told them I needed reference, so they headed out to find me some…and never came back.    Now, I knew Omni-Man looked sort of like this:

Winner of the coveted "worst father in the history of comics" award.

But I couldn’t really recall the details of his outfit at the time, so I started sketching the silly story below while I waited for the fan that never returned…

My son, Kellam, is the world’s greatest INVINCIBLE fan, so I’m aware of the character, and knew I was mucking about with someone dressed far more like the Silver Age Captain Marvel, so no letters please…I thought it might be fun to share where my brain goes when I have a pencil, a sketchbook, and nothing to do.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Omni-Man comic book moment:

I have no idea who this guy is...

And now your bonus, bonus Omni Comics Moment:

Does anyone remember this magazine but me? Am I that old and geeky?


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9 responses to “Omni-Man Convention Comics Bun Toons, YAY!

  1. Travis Pelkie

    Whoa, these comments are different!

    Liked the Omni man story. 3 pages, at a con, and they look that good? Somebody needs to get you on a monthly book!

    And I too remember Omni Comix mag. I have a copy of the issue where they brought back THUNDER AGENTS, with a sweet Tex cover. Corben’s in that issue too.

  2. Don’t be all that impressed Travis. I sketched it the first day, and inked and lettered it the second day…for a grand total of about two or three hours work. It’s EASY to draw comic pages if you’re willing to make them look rough and crappy.

    And of course I recall the OMNI Comics with the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. I have a life-long fondness for anything Wood related.

    Ty the Guy

  3. I always wanted to read OMNI. It felt like the sorta thing one SHOULD read, like Harper’s.

  4. Ahhh, to see the hassles an artist must contend with to attend conventions. You must all be superheroes.


    Steven Willis

  5. I had a subscription to OMNI. Although I think that just makes me old and geeky too.

  6. That Lighthouse Omni-Man was published out of Brampton. It’s creator was a store manager and would-be comics pro I was friends with at the time. IIRC, his best friend was a big purple demon in polka-dot boxers – -that’s all I recall from the cover I painted for him. I’m pretty sure it was never published.

    • Holy cow, it’s always a small world. This morning, I’d never heard of Lighthouse Comics or their version of Omni Man, and now I find out that one of my friends did a cover for that series. The mind Boggles, and Yahtzies as well.

    • Wait, wait….if you’ve never published the cover, we have to put it up on here and burning monster, right? If not the fans, at least I demand it!

  7. “…The Cross-Dimensional Crisis of 1993.” Love it!

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